The boy saved his younger brother’s life after he fell from the roof

The picture shows the elder brother holding his younger brother. – Instagram / Screengrab
  • The boy falls from the roof cleaning it.
  • The older brother catches the younger brother in his arms before he hits the ground.
  • Netizens praise the brother’s quick reaction.

Not all heroes wear hats and this was proved by a young boy who saved his brother’s life.

In one incident, a boy fell while cleaning the roof. However, his life was saved by his elder brother when he held the boy in his arms.

The older brother was standing down when he saw the younger one fall. He made a quick decision and caught his little brother before he fell to the ground.

The incident took place in Malappuram, Kerala, India.

The video was recorded on CCTV and the footage is circulating on the internet. It has garnered over 300,000 views in a matter of hours.

Social media users praised her for her quick reaction and saving her younger brother’s life.

“God bless the bond of the boy who saved his brother,” one user wrote.

Another wrote: “Being a brother is like another look. [yourself]”

“Thank god her brother saved her,” wrote another.