The BJP cited the Delhi government’s ‘letter’ and alleged corruption in the construction of school buildings

The BJP on Thursday cited a purported Delhi government communication highlighting “corruption and other flaws” in the construction of several school buildings to hit out at the ruling AAP in the national capital. The Delhi government, however, said that the education department wrote a letter on the instructions of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia so that if there is any deficiency, it can be rectified.

Addressing a press conference here, BJP spokesperson Sambat Patra shared the contents of the letter and claimed that it exposed the truth about the Delhi government’s handling of the education sector. “Several complaints have been received from various schools regarding non-completion of work, use of substandard materials, various defects in construction by the PWD (Public Works Department). These defects affect the objective of the Directorate of Education. are,” Patra said, referring to the July 20 letter.

He said that the complaints mentioned in the letter include corruption, dangerous condition of buildings, use of low quality materials and various other deficiencies. “Due to the above complaints, it has become very difficult to run the schools and it has also put the students and staff and school property at risk,” he said, reading from the communication.

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In a statement, the government said, “In the second phase of the construction programme, 12,000 classrooms have been constructed in around 240 schools. The Deputy Chief Minister, PWD Minister and senior officers of both departments are regularly inspecting the various stages of construction. During such inspection, the Deputy Chief Minister directed the Heads of the concerned schools to identify any deficiencies in the construction before taking possession of the new buildings. has written to, so that if there is any deficiency, it can be addressed. This letter is part of this exercise,” the statement said. The BJP leader said that the letter raised the same questions that his party had long raised. Been asking for a long time.

Kejriwal, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Satyendra Jain, who holds the PWD portfolio and is now in jail for money laundering, used to make big claims about their government’s work in the education sector, he alleged. That it is all propaganda. He added that the complaints were related to the work of the PWD department which was supervised by Jain. Kejriwal and Sisodia gave him a clean chit. Was it a good thing he was doing,” asked Patra.

“Education is not a matter of propaganda and advertisements. It is a priority sector,” he said, adding that the BJP wanted an answer from Kejriwal on allegations of corruption and use of substandard materials.

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