The Best Top 6 React JS Components in 2021


To single out the best React Js components, we first need to know what React Js actually is. Namely, React is the popular open-source and front-end framework for developing apps for SPAs (single-page applications). The React community of developers established a number of component libraries to help speed up development.

A React component is a property accepting function and returning a UI element. They are self-contained yet reusable code parts. A component of React collects raw data to make it HTML in DOM. The react component leverages props (proposals) and provides raw data support. The props and statements are simple JS objects (JavaScript).

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We will look at the best React JS components of the year 2021

1. Material Kit React

When it comes to the best React Js components, we cannot forget to mention the Material Kit React. Namely, Material Kit React was based on the material design of Google and constructed a range of uniform parts. This ensures uniformity of the look and functioning of your online project. Furthermore, the arrangement resembles several sheets of paper and provides layouts with order and depth.

The material kit comprises numerous essential parts, for which a great reacting solution may be created, such as badges, buttons, tablets, tabs, and much more. Include a date selector, tooltips, modals, pop-ups, and carousels for the JavaScript components.

You may use the kit to start or restyle an old project, Bootstrap. Material Kit has three pages showing what you can accomplish with the kit. The example pages also function as templates where images and content may be replaced with your own. You may purchase the React Pro version Material Kit with more components, sample pages, and sections.

2. ANT Design

The second place of the best React Js components takes the ANT Design. The Ant Design is a framework for react user interfaces and a system for web applications at the company level. It offers developers components and examples to construct interactive user interfaces like buttons, icons, crumbs, grids, cards, even layout aids, etc. Support in several languages includes the components.

Ant Design has lately become the most popular React Library and is rated above Material UI by gathering more than 56K ratings on Github. The Library is utilized in a variety of sectors and has sufficient community support in thousands of applications.

All parts of Ant Design are carefully developed and created by its developers using a design system. The library is built on several unitary requirements and concepts, mainly designed for internal desktop applications. The Ant Design lets you establish coherence across all components of your application, and its language of style is Less.js.

It is explicitly developed for desktop applications and is based on different concepts and requirements. You can effortlessly look through all the components of your application with Ant Design. In addition, React Native has a mobile app version.

3. React Bootstrap

When it comes to the best React Js components, we must mention the React Bootstrap. The previous Library of Bootstrap had a mixture of JS and CSS files. This combination allowed developing companies to incorporate preprogrammed and prepayment UI components. Bootstrap react combines React libraries with Bootstrap. Injecting React's energy in an existing powerful and dynamic framework, this library connects new and ancient styles.

The React Bootstrap replaces Bootstrap's JS (JavaScript) with React in order to provide you better control over each component's function and shape. Any built-in component is easily accessible and is essential in the creation of the front-end framework.

React Bootstrap is not distant from the heart of its Bootstrap, so developers are free to choose from hundreds of Bootstrap topics. You can utilize this option if you use Bootstrap or improve your JavaScript/CSS abilities. The React Bootstrap has more than 16k stars, and approximately 500k times is downloaded in a week.

4. React Virtualized

React Virtualized is the package to utilize when developing a large data front end. It contains several components to make big tables, grids, and lists usable. Window scrollbars, authorizers, columns, and so forth are provided. By adjusting row heights and displaying placeholders inside cells, the tables may be customized. This library has few dependencies and supports the default browser type, including the latest mobile Android and iOS browsers. On Github, there are at least 18k stars.

5. Material UI

The fifth spot of the best React Js components takes the Material UI. Namely, the developers of Ant Design have created and executed a distinct design language. But, on the other hand, based on responsive animations, grid-based design, and cards, Google has built its so-called "material design."

The Material UI features a variety of UI widgets that may be configured and accessed. These components are self-supporting and autonomous and only inject the styles necessary for a display to improve app performance. In addition, the material interface has significant Community support, and Github is one of the most popular libraries, with over 54k stars.

It gives you a lightweight, simple, and convenient design and layout that facilitates developers building dynamic apps. If you want a light yet attractive interface to be created quickly, without compromising performance and accessibility, this is the library for you.

6. Blueprints

On the last place of the best React Js components, we have the Blueprints. It is a fact that the components of React are primarily utilized for desktop apps in Blueprint. These components are ideal for developing complex and data-dense interfaces. The component Library may produce and show icons, choose time zones, interact with dates, etc. You can select parts of the code.