Terry McLaren Extension: Ron Rivera believes behind-the-scenes agreement talks are “moving in the right direction”


The Washington Commanders are star wide receiver Terry McLaren. Mandatory manic is not present in the camp, As he is trying to get cash on a new deal. The 26-year-old sees the vast receiver market completely reshaped this off-season, and now, he wants to take advantage of it.

On Tuesday, Commanders head coach Ron Rivera said that while McLaren is not in the building, the team understands what he is trying to do and believes in him as a footballer. Riviera also said he believed the agreement talks were “going in the right direction”. According to ESPN. He noted that Washington’s front office had begun talks with McLaren, who had signed an agreement, before talking to defensive line star Jonathan Allen. Four years, $ 72 million expansion At the end of July last year.

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McLaughlin has been one of the league’s best wide receivers in recent years, despite suffering poor quarterback play in each of his first three NFL seasons. He made an impact in his first NFL game, catching five passes for 125 yards and touching down against the Philadelphia Eagles. Ohio State Products caught seven touchdowns in its rookie campaign, and then continued its success in 2020 with four touchdowns on 1,118 yards and 87 catches.

According to Spotrac’s Market Value Tool, McLaurin could be set to sign a four-year, 84,057,948 contract. The $ 21 million mock AAV will be ranked seventh in the NFL. According to Over the Cape, Behind Stefon Diggs, AJ Brown, Cooper Kupp, DeAndre Hopkins, Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill. Five of those six players have signed new contracts this season.