Take a look at some home remedies to treat swollen gums

Dental problems can be very troublesome. And, one such dental problem that bothers most people is periodontal disease. Pyrea causes inflammation of the gums, which can cause you to experience severe gum pain. Pain caused by pyorrhea can be easily cured. However, sometimes, the problem becomes severe with swelling and pus on the gums.

Pyrea also results in bad breath, which makes it difficult for a person to communicate with others.

And, if you are someone who suffers from Priya, this article is your stop.

Let’s take a look at the home remedies for pyorrhea:


According to Style Craze, guava is a good source of vitamin C and is a good tonic for teeth. Eating raw guava with salt cures the problem of pyorrhea. You can also chew guava leaves when the gums are swollen and painful. Chewing guava leaves keeps the teeth healthy.

2.Mustard oil

A few drops of mustard oil mixed with salt and massaging the gums with light hands provides relief. Mustard oil can be applied to the gums while brushing. This will help keep the gums healthy.

3.Lemon juice

Lemon juice is considered to be quite effective for pyorrhea. Rubbing lemon juice may cause some irritation, but it can stop bleeding and sore gums.

4.Castor oil, camphor and honey

Prepare a mixture by mixing 200 ml of castor oil, 100 ml of honey and 5 grams of camphor. Apply this mixture on the teeth and gums with the help of neem sprig. This will get rid of pyria. Applying this mixture daily will keep the gums healthy.

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