Sunidhi Chauhan’s much anticipated Marathi debut song is here; Watch

Last update: July 29, 2022, 11:20 AM IST

The singer shared the news about her Marathi song Angai through an Instagram post.

Sunidhi Chauhan is currently busy with her concerts all over the world.

Sunidhi Chauhan has made her much-awaited foray into the Marathi music industry. The singer shared the news about her Marathi song Angai through an Instagram post. He captioned the post, “A beautiful lullaby from the upcoming Marathi film Ekda Kay Zala. I am totally in love with it. It is also written and directed by the brilliant Salil Kulkarni and penned by Sandeep Khare.” Beautifully arranged and programmed by Indrajit Sharma.

Sunidhi shared more details about Ekda’s Wife, which will hit theaters on August 5. He appealed to his fans to go and watch the movie, Ekda Ke Zaal. The music video is out now. Salil Kulkarni also shared the same on her account. Sunidhi shares a behind the scenes look at the music track.

The song sung by Sunidhi is about the relationship between mother and son. As the song progresses, it makes the audience swoon with its heartfelt lyrics. In fact, Sunidhi had a feeling of giving her voice to this song. Sunidhi fans are mesmerized by this song. One user wrote, “The most beautiful and hard working singer. I have watched him since childhood and am still a fan. His voice has the magic of late Lata Di.

While another wrote, “You are literally a goddess. You have immortalized this composition with just your voice. A mother can feel the emotion. Loved it.” In fact, Salil Kulkarni also wrote, “The intensity is simply out of this world.”

Talking about Sunidhi Chauhan, she recently went to Dubai for her concert. It was a super hit concert with people from all over the world coming to hear her powerful voice. He is busy with concert tours around the world. In early July, she went to the UK for a two-day concert. Sunidhi lent her voice to Kacha Sudeep’s popular Vikrant Runa song Ra Ra Rakma.

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