Steve Curry received some help from his friends, as well as during Phil McLesson’s devastating press conference

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Fighters of the Golden State

Stephen CurryThe incredible game was far from over and the biggest reason was that the NBA Finals were tied in both games in Game 5. Finally, he got help from his friends last night. The Warriors used their support cast’s form and a strong defensive effort to win a crucial Game 5 win over Boston 104-94.

  • Curry scored just 16 points and missed all three of his three point attempts. It breaks the NBA record of 233 consecutive games (regular season and post season) with at least one 3 pointer.Extending back to 2018.
  • Andrew Wiggins He came to the rescue with 26 points and 13 rebounds. Clay Thompson There were 21 points and the team scored five out of nine 3 points.
  • Gary Payton II (15 points) and Jordan Pool (14 points) boosted the bench.

The Warriors – usually dominant in the third quarter – scored 11 outs in that frame but made up for it by winning the fourth quarter by nine points. The fact is that they can withstand the storm. His excellent performance anywhere without Curry makes the win even more impressive – and highlights how great a coach Steve Carey isWrites NBA reporter Colin Ward-Henninger.

  • Ward Henninger: “It’s no accident that the Warriors’ supporting cast is stepping into a very big moment. Constantly making a point. Going too long without watching game action not only makes you rusty but also makes you feel isolated from the team. “

When the NBA Finals draw 2-2, the teams that win Game 5 win the series 73% of the time.. Golden State now has a chance to hit that number on Thursday night.

Honorable mention

And not a good morning for that …

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Boston Celtics

Here is what happened: The Celtics have lost a series of games this post-season.. Entered last night, they were a great 7-0 in the games after losing this post season. Now, his back is against the wall, and he blames himself.

  • Celtics turned the ball 18 times. And now they are 1-7 in this post season (0-3 in this series) when they change it more than 15 times.
  • Boston Lost his first 12 threes.The longest series ever to start an NBA Finals game.
  • Boston went free at 31 for 21 instead of 31.

It was a win-win game for Boston. If I told you before the game that …

  • As a team, the Warriors will score 40 (22.5%) for 9 out of 3 and Curry will not hit anyone.
  • The Celtics will win the rebounding battle by eight and 12 less fouls.

… You might guess that Boston won, maybe even easily.

This was not the case, however, as nothing came easily to the visitors. The Celtics had the highest turnover (four) as field goals in the fourth quarter, which was probably exhausted by the brave efforts of the third quarter. both of them Jason Tatum And Jillian Brown The entire third quarter and almost the entire fourth game, only 1:19 left when there was no doubt about the result.

Not everything is lost for Celtics. They came back from a 3-2 series loss against defending champions Box two rounds earlier and escaped Game 7 against the Hats in the conference final.. But they missed a golden opportunity last night.

Not so honorable mention.

US Open: Phil Mickelson’s Tragic Press Conference Connect for this week

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The lead up to this year’s US Open is unlike anything we’ve experienced given the number of high profile LIV golfers returning to a more familiar environment in the third major of this year. The biggest name among these golfers. Phil MickelsonWho will Compete in your first stateside event since January..

McClelson met with the media on Monday, and Appeared … Disappointed? … Unbelievable? … Tired? Make your choice They all applied.Writes our golf reporter Kyle Porter.

  • Goalkeeper: Lefty couldn’t believe what he was saying. Didn’t want to. Lost the bravery that became a part of it as much as any shot form or course strategy he’s used over the years. The golf universe. “

Mickelson is back. One of the biggest stories This week, but it’s far from the only one. Another big one: can. Rory McLarey Continue its pace?

  • Goalkeeper: McIlroy is your favorite on the odds board. After retaining the title at the RBC Canadian Open. In his last five starts (including two majors), he won 2-5-8-T18-1. He is one of only four golfers to make the top 10 in three or more of the last five US Open, and he is number one. World’s 1st ball striker in his last 20 rounds. “

You can check out Kyle’s Top 10 Story Lines here. Also, be sure to check out …

You can find out about all of our US Open coverage here.

MLB Power Rankings: World Series Champions Making a Charge

We are beginning to gain some stability over the MLB specialist. Matt Snyder’s MLB Power Ranking. Each of the top four teams has been the same since last week. Here are the top five:

  • 1. Yankees (Previous 1)
  • 2. Mets (previous 2)
  • 3. Dodgers (previous 3)
  • 4. Astros (previous 4)
  • 5. Parents (previous 6)

Much has changed since then. Current World Series Champion Brave Has won 12 in a row – the longest winning streak by any team this season – and the biggest riser of the week, Jumping from 13th to 8th. This is largely due to their biggest star.

  • Snyder: Ronald Aquana, Jr. Only 33 games have been played so far, but only six NL players have better MVP odds. Keep an eye on it. “

Atlanta have scored 6.9 runs per game in their winning streak, second only to the Yankees. Are at the other end of the spectrum. Wine makers. During the same period, Milwaukee is scoring 2.9 runs per game, second.The least In all baseball, and has a 2-9 record. They are ranked 7th to 15th. Power Ranking.

  • Snyder: “It may sound like an extremely aggressive ploy, but … there is a large group of teams that are all together. Besides, there are all kinds of concerns. And Belpin is not “not as deep as a few years ago.”

Breakout NFL Candidates for the 2022 Season

Many NFL teams are in the middle of a must-have manic camp – or have already completed it. This is the last time they will meet as a (mostly) full team before training camp begins in late July. Naturally, that means now is the best time for it. Start identifying some breakout candidates.

Our NFL expert Chris Trapaso took a look. Five third-year players plan to jump.And I couldn’t agree more with his first choice: Broncos Wide Jerry Judy.

  • Transfer: “The big year was coming up in 2021, right? Maybe. But we’ll never know because injuries have derailed him. And now Judy has thrown the ball to Russell Wilson? Hello … Judy’s famous It will acquire the skills of speeding. Open at the intermediate level and for Wilson to be on the field throughout the season would be like the leap we’ve all seen coming. “

Chris also took a look at something. Under-the-radar players who will greatly increase their contract year..

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