Step-by-Step Guide on Performing an Effective SEO Clean-Up Strategy

Creating an efficient SEO Strategy Guide

Do you want to stay on the verge of effectiveness all the time with your website's SEO? Then you have to maintain and optimize the SEO of your site from time to time. In case you own a successful business or a very effective marketing strategy, then you have to realize the fact that as your business grows, it will need more touch up to work in a perfect form. Especially if you are having more than hundreds of pages, then SEO maintenance comes to be one of the most crucial areas. This is why you must focus on improving the SEO of your site by availing yourself of the best Utah SEO services. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to perform a quick SEO clean-up. Hence here is an SEO clean up a strategy that you can follow step by step:

Keeping your site structure top-notch:

You need to clean up your site structure from time to time to ensure that your website is performing well on the search engine rankings and offering a convenient way for interacting with the customers on your site. Here is how you do it:

Optimize your content: You need to optimize your content from time to time to make sure that your SEO is getting a regular boost. The content you are creating needs to align with the goal of your business and website. Consider creating an overview for your content. You can also consider splitting your pages into various categories to make things easier for your audiences to understand.

Focus on the site menu: The site menu is another important area where you must put a focus. The site menu of your website must feature a limited number of the top items, which can make the site easier to navigate for your audiences and the crawlers.

Look for the bad links:

The bad links can ruin your site's performance and create a drawback in your SEO efforts. This is why you must consider finding out and removing all of the bad links from your website. A bad link can violate the guidelines for Google, which can lead to penalties. Hence you must work on it right now. Hence identify all the bad links which are harming your website. Then you need to search those websites which are hosting these links and find their contact information. Then you can ask them to remove the link. If you are now getting any response from them, then you can consider disavowing a link.

Optimize your images:

Now images are one of the most important elements on your website, which can ruin your user experience if you are not optimizing it from time to time. This is why you need to optimize your images from time to time to improve your page loading speed. Too many heavy-weight images can make your site lag while opening. Compress the size of the images to enhance your site loading speed which will ensure that your site's SEO is working properly.

Get rid of or redirect the broken links

The broken links on your site can negatively affect your SEO. This is why you need to either remove or reduce the broken links which are harming your site. A broken link leads to a page that does not exist anymore. This is why you need to find out the broken links first; then, you need to take the proper actions for it. You can consider unliking the text, or you can correct the link to fix the mistake in it. Also, you can consider replacing the link if the destination has been changed. You can create a redirect for the broken link to lead the user and the crawlers in the right direction.

Get rid of the duplicate metadata:

Duplicate metadata can be harmful to your site's SEO. each of the title tags and the metadata needs to be unique that appears to the search engine. If you are adding more pages, then there are many chances to have similar metadata. Cleaning up the metadata, which is the duplicate, can help your SEO clean up in better ways. It accomplishes the audit for your site.


As you are done with performing all the necessary SEO clean-up-related changes on your site, then you have to test if the changes are working properly or not. Make sure you are performing the SEO clean-up regularly to make sure your site is working in the best ways.