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Staples Vartan Gaming Chair | Hyken Mesh Chair

Now we are talking about staples gaming chair specific model is 53303 before we any further, I want to start it out there that this is actually a staple branded chair it's not indicated in the box I only found don't want to open Manu but is that a bad thing some of the results might actually surprise you just simply looking at.

staples gaming chair

This is definitely a staples gaming chair based on its shape, design, and colors used overall. It is really attractive, easy on the eyes to look at. There are a couple of included cushions, one for lumbar support, and the second one is used for either your head, neck, or upper back, depending on how tall you are. There's plenty of adjustable features. One for height adjustability ranges is about 4 inches now that doesn't like a lot but believe me, it is since that height is related to how long someone leg is from their feet to their knees when getting into the seat it doesn't lower with your weight, and it's able to retain its original position armrests have plenty of adjustable options as well.

Its is hyken mesh chair from staples come in 3 colors red, charcoal gray, and black, which is the one that I purchased the chairs. All hyken mesh chairs with large duty substitutes as the framing can hold up to an endorsed 275 pounds and have tilt force seat height correction flexible arms made of hard rubber-like substance. It has an adjustable headrest and adjustable lumbar, which is fantastic, but the staples gaming chair also has the tilt lock feature that is really nice.

The lock is issued doesn't just catch back like a lot of chairs has the lock tool, which asks you to tilt backward first to then slide back into the upright posture, and as for the big important question of this chair, can you do that. Okay, maybe I can't go that far back, but it's still pretty nice shares regularly priced at around $230; however, often, will find it online for cheaper than that under 200


staples gaming chair

you can adjust your height which has moving range of two and a half inches moving them forward or backwards depending on where your elbows need to rest and adjust some of the rotation based on the preferred angle of comfort the entire backrest can recline between 85 to 45 degrees using the reclining lever on the right side reclining back can be surprisingly comfortable,

The base of the hyken mesh chair can nicely balance on my weight so no fear of falling backwards if you pull out the seat height adjustment lever all the way it unlocks a seat allowing you to for tilting the base backwards combine that win the tension knob at the bottom it allows for easier reclining of the base backwards except.

This all doesn't work that well even after rotating the tension knob to the lowest setting it's still a little difficult to recline the entire base backwards, but that's not the big problem here you see if you find the perfect base adjustment you can't push the height adjustment lever back in to lock in that tilt base setting.

staples gaming chair

when working late at night, if you are at a computer for many hours of the day or at least in a sitting position many hours of the day considering the ergonomics of your chair is very important you don't want to have poor posture, and you want to have a healthy spine and back and having a good ergonomic chair like this only promotes good posture and really helps reduce a lot of lower back pain.

If I had any real criticisms of this hyken mesh chair it would be that I do wish these arms with swivels out more so that I had some more elbow room to work with also the wheels of his hyken mesh chair comes with aren't really the best especially when using it with the carpet but the staples gaming chair math reading this rollerblade wheels specifically for office chairs will help that problem immensely.

The only other thing I really point out is that the chair might be a little too short for some people. I'm 5 foot 7 in. This vartan gaming chair still has a comfortable bit of extra room for me, but I can easily imagine someone 6 feet or taller might not have the same experience that I do with this check. All that staying said, I do believe that the staples hyken mesh chair is excellent. It excels incompatibility. I really don't think you're gonna find something quite as feature dense and comfortable in this price range.

Build Quality

staples gaming chair

Now I will end up moving back to the original spot, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of having these features. I will use other staples gaming chairs under 200 USD that is much easier than shifting the base angle and locking it in place. 

The neck rest can be adjusted in height but only very slightly because of the way the limitation there is for the straps at the backrest cushion was way too stiff at first. Still, after a month of use, it became softer. This one has a lot more high adjustability since the straps have a much further range, but this is where most gaming staples gaming chairs fail. 

This one even a little bit as well. You see, the backrest is just way too flat. There's hardly any cushion there. It's a bit softer structure. I never understood why most Vartan gaming chairs do that. It would eliminate the need for many people to use the backrest cushion altogether. After all these functions are being displayed for you guys, the biggest question is the

Staples gaming chair comfortable. Some people have complained that sitting in one for hours can get rather warm and uncomfortable for other gaming chair like vartan gaming chair. I haven't had an issue with this one, even when editing videos for 4 hours straight before taking a break for a snack. I haven't noticed a single bit of wear and tear in my four-month of using this, and it seems surprisingly sturdy.

The armrest supports a hard cushion material, Which I personally prefer over a softer cushion. You can take the seatback to a pretty dramatic angle, as you would expect. Using the lever on the left, you can look at the angle at 3 different levels, fully upright 50 percent of tilt and 100 percent of tilt one reclining feature I really appreciate. If you unlock the recline while you were sat forward, the chair doesn't spring into action and smack you in the back. It has a safety mechanism that requires you to put pressure on the backrest to unlock it. That's very well thought-out.

The tilt tension can be adjusted using the big knob underneath the chair headrest can also be adjusted in 2 different height until it's worth noting that if you're like me, about 6 feet tall, this headrest is going to be too short for you no matter how you adjust it. As you can see the rest on my shoulders instead of my head, I would say if you're about 5 foot 10 or below, you'll probably find you might need to modify another headrest if you're taller. This is what I've done in my personal chair. I brought a headrest off amazon and got some long bolts and spacers to compensate for the curve, and now this chair is perfect for taller people.

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I went to  order from staples dot com and found this at about 1:00 standard time. If you're even a few little patients, you should easily be able to find this chair on sale for under 200 now. As far as my thoughts on the struggles, I love it. The adjustable lumbar support fits right where I need it to. Unlike most traditional bucket gaming seats, armrests are made of this like hard plastic, so my elbows don't kill after every session. Understanding your heavy gamers streamer or even if you work at a computer for long hours each day, you should really consider getting a staples gamin chair like this instead of the gaming racer type chairs.

Now don't get me wrong, I think vartan gaming chair look a lot cooler than these are economic chairs, and I think it's that extra to be a significant factor in your purchasing decision. I know some people do find traditional gaming chairs to be comfortable; for example, I know that Brandon still really like specific Ficmax gaming chair which you can check out his review up there but by and large. 

staples vartan gaming chair

However, Vartan gaming chair aren't really designed for ergonomics, and mine were straying like the hiking here are designed for extended office hours and prioritize long term comfort over everything else. This chair really does excel in long-term comfort. I've had quite a few multiple our game sessions already, and I do a lot of work from home as well, and having this staples gaming chair has helped a lot with my lower back pain.

Most of these games have a boring black innovation and felt offer basic things to appreciate when sat on a chair for half hours like decent armrests, so what's the solution? Well, I think staples has a pretty good solution to this. The hyken mesh chair is one that I've used for 4 years. So I'll be unboxing, assembling reviewing that to you guys today for $150. The chair dimensions 45.3 to 49.8 inches tall, 27.2 inches wide, and 27.3 inches deep, fitting about sizes of up to 19.3 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep and the back sizes of 16.2 inches wide and 23.2 inches high with the supported weight of 275 pounds and a 7-year manufacturer warranty.

These chairs feature a mesh design in red, black, and charcoal that's supposed to head fattened but perfectly as a mesh provides a slight give when you sit in it, allowing your body to breathe during long gaming or work sessions. Hyken Mesh chairs have all of the features and adjustments you would expect and some more. The chair seat length adjusts from 16.2 inches to 20.7 inches off the floor using the lever on the right has integrated lumbar support but can be adjusted to seat you. This is one of the main reasons I love this track, as it provides great support from my back.

The wheels are pretty basic and work fine on the carpet, some wood flooring neither armrest rotate where they can be raised and lowered independently, but the press of a button allowing you to fine-tune the height to your desk in about half inch or 125-millimeter increments. The armrest can also be left off together if you prefer.

Do you need a gaming chair?

Honestly, it depends on you. It's just great to go to a store and try it out. This one is pretty comfortable for me. It's a pretty reasonable price tag and shocking that I came from staples. Still, they did a pretty decent job. It debates about having a staples gaming chair or not well; it depends on person to person some people find uncomfortable some people don't.


Now is take you to the assembly process before giving you my final thoughts, let's run through the unbox and assembly of the hyken mesh chair. It gives the packaging a solid C - says the packaging individually wraps everything is torn in many pieces, and the 2 spaces filled with what seems to be whatever bits of cardboard were long around. These are the pieces in the box, and through the power of the editing, here's a better look you get, honestly.

Start with putting the wheels on the base. Then the height adjusts hydraulically into the base with the nipple facing upward. The 3 plastic cylinders go small, one into the medium one, and then 3 to pick one to give you a fun fluffy protector for the hydraulic. We can move this one side for a second and assemble the chair unit grabs the butt bit of the armrest and the yellow box labeled.

Step 2 pay close attention here and here and make sure you're putting the correct arm on the correct side MOT L&R facing the front screws these in with included Allen key next up we attached the control unit to the underside with the blue box labeled.

Step 3 I like to screw anything in the star pattern, just a habit from building computers. Let me attach the backrest to the control unit using the green bolts labeled step 4. Now we can place an assembled chair onto the base that we put together earlier. When we got looking good, lastly, if you're touching the headrest, we can screw this into place using the yellow bolts labeled to step 5. That's the chairs fully assembled.

Pros And Cons


  • Pretty comfortable
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy length adjustment choices.
  • Flexible tilt stress and tilt lock for an excellent seating angle.
  • Made of breathable mesh substance
  • Doesn't get too warm for a long setting time
  • A lot of arm adjustment options
  • Back cushion
  • Height adjustment range good quality material


  • Armrests are constructed with strong plastic.
  • Can't keep base at a reclined angle


Staples gaming chair based on its shape, design, and colors used overall. It is really attractive, easy on the eyes to look at. The neck rest can be adjusted in height but only very slightly because of the way of limitation.

I do want to highlight that chair support and comfort are both very subjective. What works for me might not necessarily work for you; however, with that said, this chair has over 5000 reviews on the staple website, and it's four and a half stars.