SriLankan Airlines praises pilots for preventing mid-air collision with British Airways flight over Turkey

SriLankan Airlines: SriLankan Airlines flies from London to Colombo. Meanwhile, when his plane passed over Turkey, a British Airways plane was also passing by him. There was a strong possibility of a collision between the two planes at that time but the Sri Lankan pilots due to their excellent intelligence averted this major accident and allowed the plane to land safely. The report came on Wednesday and the case is dated June 13. Sri Lanka praises pilots for safe landing

As soon as the news of this report reached the media, Sri Lanka responded to the wisdom of its pilots. The report reveals that the plane belonging to the national airline safely averted a possible collision with a British Airways plane over Turkey. Possible collision in mid-air was prevented. The national carrier said the vigilance of the pilots and the state-of-the-art communication and surveillance system on the aircraft made it a safe route for UL 504 on June 13.

The accident was averted due to excellent decision making.
The airline issued a statement to the media, according to which the pilots operating the SriLankan Airlines UL504 aircraft appreciated the timely action taken to avoid the accident. The UL 504 ensures the safety of all passengers, crew members and luggage aboard the UL 504 due to the pilot making the right decision at the right time. However, media reports claimed the news and accepted it. A media report has revealed that the plane carrying 275 passengers entered Turkish airspace after departing from Heathrow to Colombo.

The two planes were a short distance apart.
When the plane approached the crash site, the Sri Lankan pilot was told that he was currently flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet, he would have to take his plane to an altitude of 35,000 feet. Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan pilot came to know about the British Airways plane. More than 250 passengers were on board the British Airways plane. Both planes were flying only 15 miles apart. Ankara Air Traffic Control then twice asked the Sri Lankan pilots to take the plane up, but the pilots refused to comply. After which this big accident can be avoided.

Hundreds of lives would have been lost in the accident.
The Daily Mirror reports that if the Sri Lankan Airways (Sri Lnakai Airways UL 504 went above its altitude) it could have collided with a British Airways plane, with more than 500 combined. There was a risk of death. The British Airways plane was flying very fast.

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