Sri Lankan official resigns after making controversial remarks about Adani group and PM Modi

A senior island nation official resigned on Monday after making controversial remarks on the Adani Group’s wind power project in Sri Lanka. The day before, the officers had retracted their statements. The official had claimed before the country’s parliamentary committee that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had allegedly persuaded President Gotabaya Raja Pakse to hand over the project to the Adani group.

In this regard, Sri Lankan Energy Minister Kanchenjunga Shekhar on Monday said that the resignation of MMC Ferdinando, Chairman, Public Sector Power Company Salon Electricity Board (CEB) has been accepted.

Ferdinando told a hearing of the Committee of Public Enterprises (COPE) on Friday that he had been summoned by President Raja Pakse after a meeting in November last year. According to the official, President Raja Pakse had asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hand over the project to the group of Indian billionaire industrialist Gautam Adani.

The Indian government has not yet responded.
However, the Sri Lankan president categorically rejected Ferdinand’s statement before a parliamentary committee. There has been no immediate reaction from the Indian government on the matter.

The Adani group said this.
Meanwhile, the Adani Group said in a statement on Monday, “Our goal in investing in Sri Lanka is to meet the needs of a valued neighbor. As a responsible company, we consider it a partnership.” Seen as an integral part of what our two countries have always shared.

A spokesman for the group said: “We are clearly disappointed with this comment. The Sri Lankan government has already raised the issue.

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