Sri Lanka Crisis Sri Lanka severe fuel shortage will implement weekly fuel quota | Sri Lanka crisis: Sri Lanka has severe oil shortage, ‘weekly fuel quota’ to be implemented: Energy Minister

Sri Lanka’s weekly fuel quota: The weekly quota of petrol and diesel in Sri Lanka may be decided from next month. Sri Lanka, unable to get enough fuel due to shortage of foreign exchange, is considering setting weekly quotas for petrol and diesel. Under this, registered consumers will be able to buy a certain amount of fuel from the pump. Energy Minister Kanchan Vijay Shekhar announced this in a tweet on Sunday.

There is no choice but to guarantee a weekly quota.
Vijay Shekhar said, “We have no choice but to get the consumers to register themselves at the petrol pumps and guarantee the weekly quota. This arrangement will continue till the supply of fuel returns to normal. I hope this system will be implemented from the first week of July.

Long queues outside petrol pumps
Due to the unavailability of large quantities of petrol and diesel, Sri Lankans have to stand in queues outside petrol pumps to buy fuel.

The country has been experiencing 10-hour power outages since the beginning of April due to fuel shortages. In such cases, the government can implement a ‘rationing’ system of fuel to control the situation.

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