Spice your marketing campaign up a notch – become visible on social media!

Social media can be the path to your brand’s recognition – but do you know how to use it to your benefit?

Social media channels have long been among us. Initially used for entertainment, they are now a powerful digital marketing tool. Remember that most consumers are using the Internet to look for specific products or services, so it is indispensable to appear in their search if you want them to consider your goods. But it is not as easy as it sounds – several aspects must be taken into account before starting your social media marketing campaign. You may have powerful content, relevant visuals, and brand-new products, but it is all in vain if audiences do not come to see them.

Therefore, we have put together some sure-fire ways to boost your social media presence and elevate your brand. Read on, and we promise you will have solutions at the end of the article!

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Do you know your audience?

Before maximising audience engagement with your social media content, it is imperative to first know that audience. Obviously, you cannot be everything for everyone (although it would be fun – or not?), so you must narrow down your audiences and start looking for the ideal customers for your business. Finding out and understanding your target audience takes time, but it is worth it. It is much simpler to know who you are marketing for and expect reactions from one social group than losing yourself in numbers and not having concrete results. Some basic demographic information like location, age, gender, and hobbies should be your starting line. Only when you are well aware of these facts will you be able to aim higher. Social media networks like YouTube and Facebook come to your help by allowing you to learn which demographic groups are keeping in touch with your content the most. Through powerful ad platforms, you can anticipate which audiences are more interested in your brand and then focus on reaching that audience.

Are you using the right social media networks?

It might be tempting to be on all social media networks, but it is not recommended. If you have discovered your target market, you will also find that this demographic group uses specific networks. And it is normal to be so; hence we highly advise you to balance your choices well in terms of social media networks. It is a very simple rule – be where your target audience is.

When choosing your social media network, it is imperative to have in mind some aspects:

  • What age group is your business social media profile aimed at? Facebook, for example, is more used by an older demographic, while a younger demographic is now oriented towards Snapchat or TikTok.
  • Is the concerned network suitable for the type of content you are sharing? If your goal is to showcase your products’ physical qualities, then you may want to move to Instagram. Twitter, on the other hand, focuses on straightforward information, so if you want to keep in touch with your audiences and give them the latest information about your brand, this platform might be your thing.

Ensure you understand which platform best aligns with your business purpose so that you can start thinking about strategies to gain more attention to your brand.

Create great content

Your goal here is to post content that people will want to share, but how could you do that? You must pay particular attention to aspects such as text, images, and videos and ensure these transmit professionalism. If you opt for written text, for example, make sure spelling and grammar are on point so the message can be correctly interpreted. Do not forget to use video as part of your strategy, as it is much more appreciated nowadays than plain text. You can collaborate with a digital marketing agency to help you find which content is more suitable for your business type by measuring results and tracking customers’ reactions to different posts. Such agencies can also help you optimise content for search so that consumers can find you easier based on relevant keywords or hashtags.

Choose hashtags carefully

Hashtags should not be a burden, but in most cases are. How could you use hashtags to your benefit in such a vast online environment where millions of hashtags exist? It would be best to start by thinking about a simple hashtag (word or combination of words) that best conveys your brand essence. Ask yourself what would you type to find products or services like yours? Find specific keywords that describe your business and avoid the generic ones, as the latter involves a lot of competition. Ensure also you do not exceed the limit of hashtags imposed by each social network. Hashtags can be more effective than you think, but if you find it challenging to create catchy and relevant keywords, you can work with a digital marketing agency to make the most of your social media presence. Passion Digital, for example, makes use of imaginative top-down online strategies, including building the perfect keywords, to make your brand stands out from the crowd of competitors.

Team up with an influencer

Influencer marketing is of great value these days, as it opens thousands of doors in just a few seconds. With the right person and words, you can reach a significant number of consumers and do you know what is cool? That you do so organically and naturally. Influencers can guide their audiences to your services and products in a way that does not feel too promotional, which consumers will appreciate in 2022. These “promos” come rather as friendly or parental advice on how to use a specific product or why that product may be worth buying. Anyway, make sure you choose your influencer carefully, not only by their number of followers but also by their niche. You cannot hire a beauty and health influencer to talk about your latest automotive parts because this will not work.


Some extra tips:

  • Ensure you post at the right time
  • Interact with followers
  • Consider CTAs (Call to Action)