Significance, Pooja Vidhi, Shab Mahurat and Mantras

Skanda Shashti holds special importance in Hindu culture and is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm by the people of this community. Skanda Shasthi is celebrated on the sixth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Sawan. This year, the celebration falls on August 3.

This day is dedicated to Lord Kartiki and people fast to seek his blessings. As people are going to worship the deity today, they should be aware of the auspicious timings, mantras and importance of fasting on this day.

Skanda Shasthi 2022: Significance

According to Hindu mythology, those who worship Lord Kartiki by performing proper rituals on the eve of Skanda Shashti are blessed with children. At the same time, all the vices like anger, greed, attachment and ego are eradicated from within the devotee.

Skanda Shasthi 2022: Tithi

According to Dirk Panching, Shasthi Tithi will start on August 3rd at 5:41 am and will end on August 4th at 5:40 am.

Skanda Shasthi 2022: Vidhi

Devotees wake up early in the morning, take bath and wear clean clothes. Then they clean the place where they keep the idol of Lord Kartikeya. Posters or statues of Bholinath, Parvati and Ganapatiji are placed next to the statue of Lord Kartakya. Devotees then offer water, clothes, flowers, fruits and sweets to Lord Kartakiya. They conclude the puja with aarti.

Skanda Shasthi 2022: Mantra

“Om Shravana Bhavaya Nama
Kalyana Sundara with Gyan Shaktidhara Skanda.
Devasena Manaha Kanta Kartkeya Namostote
Om Subrahmanaya Nama”

Skanda Shasthi 2022: Shab Mahurat

Some of the many auspicious times are Brahma Mahurta which will be from 4:19 am to 5:01 am on this holy day. Twilight Mehurat from 6:57 PM to 7:21 PM and Vijaya Mehurat from 2:42 PM to 3:35 PM.

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