Shah Rukh Khan’s residency offer was initially offered to Salman Khan, why didn’t he take it?

There is no denying the fact that the homes of Bollywood stars are considered famous. However, Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat is undoubtedly considered to be the tourist attraction in Tinsel Town. On a daily basis, the opulent property witnesses the presence of hundreds of people in front of it, intent on soaking in the view of the magnificent structure or hoping to catch just a glimpse of the king of Bollywood. Cutting to the chase, King Khan’s royal home is honestly on everyone’s wish list, and surprisingly, Salman Khan also desires a vow. Yes it is true. But did you know that Manat was initially offered to the Dabangg actor?

In his old interview with Bollywood Hungama, which is resurfacing on the internet, Salman was asked about the one thing he wished Shah Rukh Khan had. And his answer left his fans basically shocked. While he was in a hurry to take the vows, he further revealed that it was his father Salim Khan who stopped him from taking it, when it initially came to the actor.

When asked, “One thing that Shah Rukh Khan has, you wish you had?” Salman said, “That bungalow is his.” The host repeated in surprise, “Mant?” The actor said, “Yes,” and added, “But it came to me when I was just starting out. My father had said Eni big ghar mein karoge kya? (What will you do in such a big house?”).

Salman ended by saying and now I want to ask Shah Rukh what he does in such a big house. According to a recent report by, SRK’s manna is worth Rs 5000. 200 crores earlier during some media interaction, the Pathan actor himself had claimed that it was his most expensive purchase. Located in Bandra, Manat is designed by SRK’s wife and interior designer Gauri Khan. Recently, the luxurious mansion reportedly got a new diamond-encrusted radium name plate, which sparkles in the evening and costs around Rs 5,000. 25 lakhs

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