Seventh Haitian Special Olympics member Louis Jacques Vulgans has disappeared.

Authorities say the seventh member of the Haitian delegation to the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games has mysteriously gone missing while traveling to Central Florida for athletic competitions.

The Oceola County Sheriff’s Office said Louis Jacques Valgins, 25, was last seen getting off a bus at the All-Star Sports Resort on Lake Boina Vista, near Orlando, at 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

Vulgans was due to return to Haiti on Sunday, but was never able to board his flight.

Vulgans was last seen wearing red sandals, blue jeans and a white Special Olympics shirt with “Haiti” written on it.

The sheriff’s office urged members of the public who face vulgarity to “check his well-being” and contact authorities.

In no case is there any suspicion of wrongdoing.

Vulgans was listed as playing football during the 2019 Special Olympics, although it is not clear if he participated in any of the events this year. Of the other missing persons, only one is a special Olympics athlete, organizers said.

Louis Jacques Vulgans was due to return to Haiti on Sunday, but was never able to board his flight.
Osiola County Sheriff’s Office
Special Olympics Stadium
Six other members of the Haitian Special Olympics delegation went missing in Florida last Monday.
Stephen M. Doyle / Orlando Sentinel / Tribune News Service via Getty Images

In addition to Vulgans, six other members of the Haitian delegation went missing in Florida last Monday. The sheriff’s office identified the missing as 18-year-old Oriel Jane, 18-year-old Anderson Pett Frere, 19-year-old Peter Mianovich Burles, 20-year-old Nicholson Fontelles, 24-year-old Stevenson Jacket and 34-year-old Anton Joseph Methane.

Six Haitians joined the football team. He was last seen near the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, where some competitions are taking place.

All six turned over their hotel room keys and left their luggage in their room before being lost. It was not immediately clear if Wilkins did so before he disappeared.

Organizers of the Special Olympics USA Games say the reason for their departure from the Games is unknown at this time. He told NBC News in a statement. “The welfare of these delegates is our number one concern.”

The week-long competition, which brought together more than 5,500 players and coaches from the United States and the Caribbean, ended on Sunday.