Sangh leader Indresh Kumar says that ‘anti-CAA protests have sent a wrong message to the world’.

Senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar on Thursday said the protests against the new citizenship law at Jamia Millia Islamia had sent a wrong message to the world and the protesters should have shown their inability to accept oppressed minorities from the neighboring country. . In an hour-long speech peppered with verses from the Quran, Kumar said the holy book talks about “accepting all and loving all” and that Prime Minister Narendra Modi stands for “sub ka saath, sub ka vikas”. Is.

Addressing a seminar on a book titled ‘Modi@20 Dreams Meet Delivery’ at Jamia, he said, “The protests sent a message to the world that we don’t care about prosecuting minorities.” “India has oppressed minorities from 26 countries. But when we thought of sheltering minorities from a nation that was part of our country in the past, you should have shown humility to accept them. ,” Kumar added.

The RSS leader said that PM Modi wants to mainstream everyone and his government’s schemes are for the welfare of ‘Indians’ and not for any particular community, caste and religion. “Religion does not unite us, our nation does. Our identity is our nationality. We are Indians. And the Quran also says that nation comes before religion.

As Kumar addressed the event, some students protested against him at gate number 7 of the university, calling him a “hate monger”. The RSS leader said his friends had warned him against joining JMI.

But I told them that I love those who hate me and abuse me. So, I will definitely go,” he said, adding that some people hate him because they have never met him or understand him.

He said hundreds of Muslims prayed for him outside the CBI office when he was questioned in December 2010 “in the name of saffron terrorism” under the Congress regime. Masjid in Hyderabad, Dargah in Ajmer in Rajasthan, Malegaon in Maharashtra and Samjhauta Express. My name is not included in any FIR, neither as an accused nor as a witness.

At the protest site, Shoaib, a Jamia student and AISA activist, said, “Hate mongers like Indresh Kumar should be resisted with full student power… giving the university administration a democratic university like Jamia to hate mongers.” Should stop.”

The protesting students were seen carrying placards that read: ‘Let’s clarify the parameters on which Indrish is awarded in Jamia’ and ‘Stop inviting hatred in Jamia’.

Several student groups including the Brotherhood Movement, Students Islamic Organization of India, All India Students Association, All India Revolutionary Students Organisation, Campus Front of India and Diyar Showk Student Charter joined the protest.

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