Saints’ Marcus Devin Port cut off some of his pink this off-season.

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Ronnie Lott famously cut off part of his pink color so he wouldn’t miss a game. 35 years after Lott’s famous cut, the defensive end of the Saints, Marcus Davenport, has followed suit.

After Wednesday’s mini-camp practice, Devin Port revealed that he had cut off the top of his left pinkie earlier this off season. He decided to make the cut after suffering an infection that resulted in a broken plate from previous surgery. Devin Port has been dealing with this finger problem for many years, since he suffered a torn ligament during a bowling game at the end of his junior season in Texas-San Antonio. He finally underwent surgery to heal the injury in 2021, and after several more surgeries he had to be amputated.

The five-year veteran does not believe injury will interfere with his game on the field. Devon Port, who also underwent shoulder surgery in January, is hoping to recover from the training camp.

The first-round pick of 2018, Devin Port is coming up in the 2021 season, having recorded the most nine sacks of his career despite appearing in only 11 games. He also forced three families to record the first resumption of his career. While injuries have hampered his availability (he missed 18 games in his first four seasons), New Orleans picked up their fifth-year option last season due to the reversal of Devin Port.

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As well as making headlines, the cut led to some hilarious conversations between Devin Port and his two young children.

“They haven’t really seen it yet.” Devin Port saidVia “If anything, they’re both, ‘Bo-bo?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, Daddy has a smell, come here, that’s fine.’ I don’t need to tell them good stories. “