Russia’s tug-of-war with this neighboring country now, will the second war start?

Moscow In the midst of the war with Ukraine, Russia is embroiled in a conflict with one of its neighbors. The name of this country is Lithuania. Lithuania has banned goods from traveling to the Russian city of Kaliningrad by rail. Russia has since warned that its people would be hurt if Lithuania was given such a response. Lithuania replied that we are ready for it.

Lithuania is a small country with a population of only 2.8 million. This country has an army of only 16,000. Russia has more than a million active troops. Lithuania was once part of the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Lithuania became a separate country. Lithuania joined NATO in 2004. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was started in 1949. The United States is leading it. NATO currently has 30 members.

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What caused the controversy?
In fact, Kaliningrad is like a sandwich. It has Poland on one side and Lithuania on the other. Both Poland and Lithuania are members of NATO. Everything that is supplied to Kaliningrad is by rail from Lithuania. Lithuania has now stopped this supply. That is what the conflict with Russia is all about. Russia’s foreign ministry has called on NATO member Lithuania to immediately lift open hostile sanctions on Kaliningrad.

The Baltic state, Lithuania, announced last week that it was going to ban rail travel to Klingengrad on items on the EU’s sanctions list.

What effect will this have on Russia?
Lithuania’s sanctions will cut 50 percent of imports from Russia to Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad is an impregnable fortress of Russia, which is strategically important as it is right in the middle of Europe. Russia recently conducted a nuclear test in Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad covers an area of ​​about 223 square kilometers.

Alexander missile exercise was practiced.
The Russian military has conducted nuclear-capable Alexander missile strikes in Kaliningrad. The Alexander Missile System was first deployed in the region in 2016. Many European countries, including Germany, fall into the range of this missile. Russia’s Baltic navy is headquartered in Kaliningrad and Russia is believed to have nuclear weapons.

Russia has threatened to take action against Lithuania.
Lithuania’s banned goods include coal, metals, construction materials and state-of-the-art technology. Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement that “Russia reserves the right to defend its national interests if the movement of goods between Kaliningrad and Russia does not fully resume in the future.” “

Ukraine destroyed Russian missiles and two drones, killing 34,000 Russian soldiers.

The Russian presidency said Monday that Lithuania’s decision was “unexpected” and violated everything. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “the situation is far from serious and needs to be thoroughly analyzed before any action or decision can be taken.” Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielles defended his country’s move. “Our country is only implementing the sanctions imposed by the European Union,” he said.

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