Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen in a video shaking, struggling to stand up

Viral video of Russian President Vladimir Putin: The world has always focused on the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and since Russia invaded Ukraine, rumors have been circulating that the Russian president is seriously ill. Now a new video of him has come out. In the new video, Putin is seen shaking and having trouble standing. This video seals the ongoing concerns about their health. However, ABP did not confirm the video went viral on social media.

Putin was seen shaking at the awards ceremony.

New York Post According to a report, President Vladimir Putin was present at an awards ceremony in the Kremlin. During this time he was trembling and had difficulty standing. UK Express At Sunday’s awards ceremony, Putin, 69, was seen moving back and forth as he presented the Russian Federation State Prize to filmmaker Nikita Mikhailov. Putin is also seen standing near the podium, shaking his leg. It was as if he were having trouble standing up.

Doctors advise Putin

The Post described the footage as “worrying” and said Putin’s doctors had advised him not to appear in public for long because of his poor health. The report is based on a claim made by Telegram Channel General SVR, which is allegedly run by a Kremlin military source. The health of the Russian president has always been a topic of debate around the world, and since the invasion of Ukraine, rumors have been circulating that he is seriously ill. Fox News reported Tuesday that the Russian leader has a special aide who collects Putin’s feces and urine when he is abroad and brings him back to Moscow for disposal.

Russian official claims

A recording obtained by the American magazine New Lines shows an unidentified elite talking to a Western capitalist about Putin’s health. A Russian FSB official also claimed that Putin had “no more than two to three years to live.” He was also seen coughing and lying under a blanket during Russia’s Victory Day parade in May. However, Russian officials have denied all speculation about Putin’s health.

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