Russia-Ukraine war The United States and Germany are sending weapons to Ukraine because of Russia’s military advance

Russia-Ukraine war The United States and Germany are sending arms to Ukraine: Russia and Ukraine have been at war since February 24. Russian troops are constantly attacking Ukrainian cities with sophisticated weapons. The Russian military, meanwhile, said it had used long-range missiles to destroy a depot in Ukraine’s western Lviv region on Wednesday. NATO-supplied weapons and ammunition were stored here. The governor of the eastern city has acknowledged that Russian forces are advancing in heavy fighting. The United States and Germany are providing weapons to Ukraine to counter the same Russian troops.

The eastern Donbass region of Ukraine has been the center of Russian aggression in recent weeks. Russian-backed separatists have accused Ukrainian forces of obstructing the evacuation of civilians from the city’s Azot chemical plant. About 500 civilians and an unknown number of Ukrainian fighters are said to have taken refuge here to protect themselves from missile attacks.

Weapons aid to Ukraine from the United States and Germany

NATO members are pledging to send more and more long-range weapons to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the United States would send the largest shipment of فوجی 1 billion in additional military aid weapons and equipment since the start of the war. The aid will include anti-ship missile launchers, howitzers for high mobility artillery rocket systems. At the same time, Germany is supplying three multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine. Ukraine continues to call on the world to provide arms. Kyiv says it urgently needs to defend itself against Russian aggression.

Destroyed depot near the town of Jolovich

The day before, Russian officials had announced a humanitarian corridor from the Azot plant, but said they would relocate civilians to areas under Russian control and not to areas controlled by Ukrainian forces. The situation in the city is deteriorating because the Russian military has more manpower and weapons, said Serhiy Hedai, the governor of Ukraine in Luhansk. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Russian forces had used Kliber missiles to destroy a depot near the town of Zuluchev in the Lviv region near the border with NATO member Poland. He said four Whitzers were destroyed elsewhere.

Heavy damage to military structures in Ukraine

Russian forces are trying to seize large areas, with most of their attacks focused on eastern Ukraine. Russian forces are using state-of-the-art missiles to disrupt international weapons supplies and destroy military infrastructure. Civil infrastructure is also being bombed. However, Russian military officials have claimed that they are only targeting military installations in Ukraine.

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