Rudy Gubert Trade Rumors: Hawks Round The Defense Anchor, They Have The Assets To Work The Stability Pact

Following the amazing conference final in 2021, the Atlanta Hawks were among the most disappointing teams of the season. He was injured while scratching the number. 8 badges in five games before being immediately lost by the hat. The crime around Trey Young is elite, if at all, the post-season is as weak as a man’s show. Defense is a door. President Travis Schlenk and newly developed GM Landry Fields have plenty of trading currency. Many people doubt that they will use it.

A recent Jack Fisher report from the Bleacher Report Indicates that Atlanta has been a potential commercial venue for Jazz Center Rudy Gubert, “a lot of conversation between league officials,” suggesting that “Clint Capella, Kevin Horter, John Collins” And it may be for some combination. ” Pick number 16 this year.

Collins has always been in the midst of these commercial rumors. Personally, it’s hard for me to imagine that Atlanta is doing better than Collins’ trade, which is why it hasn’t been transferred to a deal to date, but Fisher, among many other things, Reported that Collins was “being mentioned.” Portland Trail Blazer commercial target, which may return this year. 7 Select

Maybe Atlanta will pack again. 7 and 16 in another deal.

Either way, Atlanta is poised to consolidate its many good but not great assets into a single high-impact player. Gobert is understood as a backstop for Young’s consistently compensating defense, but is Gobert going to do that? He just spent the last season in Utah covering an insecure frame for defense. In addition, pull-up point guards will have to lick their chips in play-off scenarios in combination with on-screen navigation that combines the pressure of Young’s absent ball and the tilt of Gobert’s drop coverage.

Still, the defense needs to be improved, and Gobert will certainly deliver. Because the defense is an off-season priority, the Hawks are expected to re-sign D’Andre Hunter for a long-term extension, following in the footsteps of Atlanta’s third-year senior, Onika Okungo. Also notes the intent to free up more playing time. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. But if Atlanta wants Okungo to play more, bringing in Gobert would seem to contradict that agenda.

Except for Young, and it looks like Hunter and Okungo, the Hawks are making it available to everyone else. With the dismissal of coach Lloyd Pierce and reaching the final of the aforementioned conference, the timeline for Atlanta’s real controversy, whether intentional or not, has moved on. They have a strong but flawed franchise centerpiece in Young, and they need to properly support it, primarily on defense but with another top scorer / creator to lighten their load in the playoffs. Also with

Hunter and Horter’s internal development as a number. There seems to be a maximum of 2 per cent options, although I really like both of these players. Hunter has shown his ability to create his own guilt, but he is probably out of his depth as No. 1. 2.

The same is true for Horter, who can make his own offense and is a low-ranking playmaker but with the more primary options, Bogdan Bogdanovic and Danilo Galenari are in excellent position as shooters. These are the role players who are able to contribute to a particular night in a basic way. Collins is really good, but not as his creator. It thrives in spaces and vertical spaces that come with playing inside Young’s orbit. Atlanta needs a permanent, more independently equipped number. 2.

Wherever the Hawks go, it’s hard to see them standing this summer. A trade is almost certain to happen. The Gobert would be a home-run cradle, but in reality, Atlanta has the equipment to join any trade debate.