Rob Manfred downgrades MLB robot umpires for 2023 season


Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred on Thursday ruled out the possibility of installing an automated ball strike system at the major league level before next season. According to Evan Drellich. Manfred, who gave a press conference at the end of the owners’ meeting, said he did not see an automated ball strike system as a problem for the competition committee this winter.

The league has experimented with automated ball strike systems, or robot umpires, as they are affectionately referred to, at various levels and over the years, including in the Atlantic League (to push), the Top Independent Baseball League. ۔ in the country. This season, for example, they have increased their use to triple-A levels. The feasibility of using automatic ball strike systems in majors has been questioned before, however, due to the limitations of the technology.

A team of Baseball Prospect authors wrote in January 2018 about the flaws and potential benefits of a robotic umpire.And concluded the following:

Despite all the possible problems, there are possible solutions for them. Technology can be used to reduce accidental subject calls with redundant systems. After all, everyone wants calls to be made quickly and accurately. Even so, we would never be in favor of a purely robot strike zone without an umpire.

The formation of the competition committee was part of a new collective bargaining agreement between the league and the MLB Players’ Association. The committee consists of four active players, six members appointed by the league and an umpire. They are expected to discuss, among other topics, the implementation of pitch clock, restrictions on defensive positioning and the installation of large bases. Any rule approved by the committee may come into force after 45 days’ notice.