Richard Sherman has revealed his amazing NFL plans for 2022 after taking a media job with Amazon.

For the first time in 11 years, Richard Sherman will not be on the sidelines of the NFL when the regular season begins. All Pro is in the corner. Accepted media job with Amazon. To act as the studio host for “Thursday Night Football”, which means that instead of covering the receivers, it will cover the action on the field.

With Sherman officially taking over the media job for 2022, it looks like his NFL career is over now, but apparently, that’s not necessary. During an interview with NFL Network on TuesdaySharmeen was asked if he was considering retiring, and surprisingly, he did not intend to leave.

“No, no, I’m still leaving that door open as long as I can,” Sharmeen said. Via “I will definitely continue training and stay in shape, but I will have to take advantage of the opportunities while they are there, and this is a wonderful opportunity with Amazon, so I did not miss it. “

The 2022 season marks the first year that Amazon has exclusive rights to “Night Night Football”. The Thursday night schedule runs until Saturday, December 17 (December 29), and for now, Sherman plans to cover each of those games for Amazon. With the TNF season coming to an end, though, things could be going wild for Sherman, and the reason is that he looks set to be open to signing with a team.

“If anyone wants to call in late December and needs some help, I’m happy to help,” Sharmeen said.

Sharmeen made it clear that he would not allow a possible return to the NFL to affect his job with Amazon: “If he needs to criticize someone, he is going to criticize them.” The five-time pro bowler said he would call the players out when they needed to and would not worry about whether they could be his teammates on the road.

“I can do nothing but be honest,” Sharmeen said. “If you’re playing well, I’m going to call him. If you’re not playing well, you have to call him.”

If Sharmeen does not sign with anyone this year, it will not be a surprise that he will retire. In February 2021, the 34-year-old said he would play for a maximum of two seasons.

“I just want to play two more (seasons),” Sharmeen said at the time. Through Sports Illustrated. “I want to be part of a competitive team. I think I still have a lot to give to the game.”

Based on the timeline of these comments, Sharmeen was planning his final season for 2022. In 2021, Sharmeen played a total of five games during that time. Injury season with buccaneers. Tampa was the third leg of a shameless career. After being produced by the Seahawks in 2011, he spent seven seasons in Seattle before moving to San Francisco for three years.

When Sherman was in his prime, he was one of the top corners in the NFL. Three-time All Pro was a key member of Seattle’s Legion of Boom Secondary and was a major reason for the Seahawks’ successive Super Bowls (2013 and 2014).