Remember Winamp? The music player of the 2000s is back, but you can’t use it much in 2022

Do you remember Winamp? The popular music player that was all the rage in the early 2000s. Winamp was an MP3 music player in the 2000s, in which most of us stored our music files and used Winamp to listen to music. Now, Winamp is back! Yes, you read that right, the popular music player of the 2000s is back, but does it matter in the world of Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music? Let’s find out.

now, Winamp It was said to have stopped working on the software in 2013 when parent company AOL was in the midst of the streaming boom. However, after being acquired by another company called Radionomy, Winamp is still alive. The company, in fact, launched a new and updated version of Winamp for Windows on July 26, and the app comes with many improvements over the good old Winamp we once knew and loved, along with The famous startup voice that runs. You start the app. Apparently it has been working for the past four years.

Winamp, the desktop app was essential PC software that everyone had in the early 2000s. Winamp was used to play music CDs and digital MP3 files. It even gave users the option to rip music CDs to MP3 format and save it to their PC. Winamp also offered a number of skins and concepts that were built right into the app.

So, does the 2022 version of the once popular music app hold any relevance, or does it come with 2022-like advanced features? short answer? No, by today’s standards the 2022 version might feel a little too old for most users. Setup requires the same drill – users will have to browse for their music library, and wait for the app to scan files and download metadata. This means that those who have used Winamp before will feel right at home – there’s even a classic skin that brings the 2000s theme back to the app.

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