Best Red Gaming Chair | MSI CH110 Reviews 2021

Now we’ve touched on the adjustability with armrest here, which is a 4D multi-adjustable armrest, but it also applies to the seat. The height adjustment lever is hard to move up and down when you are sitting on the red gaming chair. You have to get off it and kind of pull it up as you lift the lever.

red gaming chair

It was not exactly easy as some of the other gaming chairs I have had going down is easy, though because it uses gravity and your body weight, so you float on down that’s fine.


Then I also noticed when accessing the lever, it’s a little challenging is you to kind of wind your arm around to get into it unless your arms are fully extended forward but even then, when lifting the chair up is still kind of it in a weird position I feel I would have been better placed at the front of the red gaming chair sort of a bit forward of the armrests for easier access.

The back adjustment lever is straightforward to use this great placement, and even at full extension, it’s easy to get up from the down position. I think they did well with the positioning of that they are now tipping this is probably the furthest I have never seen the red gaming chair recline.

I usually don’t have ones that do the whole 180-degree recline, and you are almost laying down, so it means you fully recline as I said into a horizontal position and it did find out that when tilt facility is on you feel like you are going to fly off backward.

Build Quality

 The wheels never once lifted off the floor, don’t get me wrong; however, when someone is fully relined on the red gaming chair, the front wheels feel like there is very little weight on them at all. You can even put a bit of paper underneath because it’s a lot doing a lot.

So moving on the height at full extension, this would be great if you are around six foot your feet would be firmly on the floor there you wouldn’t have your needs up into your chest I found that piston is fully recessed down my feet are flat on the floor.

 which is the correct position according to a workplace desk risk assessment however you need to make sure that your desk is the same level as your elbows and your eyes are level at the top of your monitor. In this red gaming chair case, you may struggle to achieve all of these things simultaneously, depending on your setup and desk height.

Three types of fabric run on the main seat area and a textured faux leather-look fabric on the accents and edges, a smoother faux leather on the inlay, and the carbon fiber look fabric on the main seat.

The material is described as a carbon fiber leather surface and features texture to mimic carbon fiber weave. It is much softer than the edge fabric that we can see here, and all these fabrics are made of PVC leather, and the material does good quality.

The build quality there is a lot of metal within this red gaming chair it’s not all plastic or rubber or fabric there is a lot metal you do have metal supports armrest here you do have the metal framing underneath the chair for the wheel all mechanism and levers are also metal.


So let's talk about the design of the red gaming chair. The look of this is racer gamer style with the shaper and the plastic holes in the backrest. I am a little disappointed at the plastic trim on the backrest holes. I was hoping for some steel or aluminum or something like that. It a little bit of that extra premium feel.

The colors also scream racing with the red trim and the black carbon fiber fabric. The red gaming chair's embroidery on the lumbar support pillow and the top of the chair itself is excellent.


It has got a lot of durability build into it and talking of wheel frame of the red gaming chair which comes from MSI ch110, the wheels themselves are plastic they glide very well. I didn't find any sticking or catching even on my carpet with an uneven floor with an extensive design, and there are no sharp edges.

Specification Of Red Gaming Chair

Color: black and red                                      
Weight: 27Kg
Dimension: 66 x 70 x 132cm
Material: PVC Leather
Wheel size: 60mm
Max seat height: 37.5cm
Min seat height: 46cm
Foam type: mold shaping
Foam density: 40-45 kg
Armrest: 4D
Tilt lock: yes
Title angle: -14 degree
Max weight capacity: 150 kg
Gas lift piston: class 4

Pros And Cons


  • Fit Made.
  • Sturdy Quality.
  • Gamer/Racer Design.
  • Detailed Decoration.
  • Big Adjustment choices.
  • Breathable


  • No many gift features or details.
  • Costly
  • Firm and thick pillow.
  • Lever position is sometimes difficult to arrive at depending on the arm situation.
  • No lock at armrest to hold it was going inside and outside.
  • PVC Leather could corrupt every time.


For the amount, we would have preferred to see any more premium characteristics such as alloy trims rather than plastic, the armrests are a tiny little difficult and can convert uncomfortable over an extended duration of time, and this could be improved by some more padding.

The red gaming chair lever position is uncomfortable to reach, and the armrests leave around from side to side without securing. Those could be viewed as little gripes, but as a middle to a mainly great priced chair,

it is not very demanded, and we would have wanted to watch these things missing. Overall it is a sturdy part of things and absolutely fits the MSI branding well.

Frequently Ask Question

Q1) Is MSI a good gaming brand?

While MSI's tech support could be more useful, and its collection could use more variation, MSI picked off an excellent showing. Great gaming chair: MSI CH110 gaming chair revised its number of reports from a level 30 to 34 out of 40, with a great collection of the red gaming chair and user laptops and a high gaming chair.

Q2) Is MSI a wrong brand?

Usually, MSI is one of the more popular companies. They have an excellent track record for excellence and trustworthiness. Both are one of the couple corporations I suggest when people are making chairs. There is nothing incorrect with the red gaming sear.

Q3) why do you require a gaming chair?

Well, long-term energy is surely one of the various essential factors. If you're sitting for 8 hours or more each time and can feel some discomfort and pressure on your back, lower back, upper back, and neck, it will be time to change to a higher proper chair.