Ravi Teja starrer gets mixed response.

Ravi Teja’s Telugu film Rama Rao On Duty released in theaters today. The film is directed by Sarath Mandava and produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri in association with RT Teamworks under the banner of SLV Cinemas LLP.

The film is getting mixed response from the audience. Touted as an action thriller, the film failed to impress many while some praised the Ravi Teja starrer. In the film, Ravi Teja plays the role of a young and energetic IAS officer B Rama Rao, who is a Deputy Collector. Many fans of Ravi Teja appreciated the film on Twitter while few viewers criticized the film.

“Rama Rao on Duty Super Hit Movie with Decent Fast First Half. Super 2 half with last 25 minutes rep. Overall super hit movie 3/5 rating. Ravi Teja,” wrote one user on Twitter.

Another user commented, “Watching Rama Rao on duty. Movie is good. Scenes are fresh and slang you will definitely enjoy. Music what the director said is true, really good emotions and massive scale. Thriller. Rajesh Vijayan Super. Next level with item song theater sounds.

A third user tweeted, “Ravi Teja sir on duty, what movie is it visuals, BGM and dialogue delivery mass jatara everywhere pandaga sir pandaga must watch first.”

Rama Rao On Duty Review: An above average thriller drama. Ravi Teja does well in his usual swing. The casting is decent. Music is ok but BGM works. Action scenes are very good. Decent story but very poorly executed,” reads another review.

However, many disliked the film due to its long dialogues and lackluster acting.

One viewer commented, “Rama Rao on duty. Overall, a completely weak film that is neither a proper thriller nor has any commercial elements. Not sure how Ravi Teja accepted this script. Apart from a few scenes and a song, nothing worth mentioning. Unforgettable!”

The movie goers did not like the first half of the movie.

Rama Rao On Duty stars Divyansha Kaushik and Rajisha Vijayan as the female leads. Venu Thattampudi, Nasir, Srinaresh, Pavitra Lokesh, John Vijay, Chaitanya Krishna, Tankila Bharani, Rahul Ramakrishna, Madhu Sodan Rao, and Srikha Vani are seen in the lead roles.

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