Rasika Dugal goes back to her roots with postcards from Jharkhand: My wish list is complete

Be it Delhi Crime, A Proper Boy and Mirzapur, or Out of Love, Rasika Dogal is one of the first rate actresses who puts herself fully into every role she plays. It’s an attribute that seamlessly reflects the fluidity she brings to every role on screen. The actor recently did it again with a limited series of four 10-minute episodes on his home state — the postcards of Jharkhand — for National Geographic India.

Talking about the vibrant culture of her home state, Dugal says shooting the show brought back many memories. “It was an absolute joy when I found out that National Geographic India approached me to do this show. I have a strong connection with Jharkhand. I grew up in Jamshedpur and my parents still live there. So this show gave me an opportunity to embark on an adventure to explore and reconnect with my homeland,” he told News18.

Recalling his childhood days that he spent in Jamshedpur, the Loot Case actor admitted that he had not even explored the state before shooting for the show. “It’s really weird that every time we decide to go on vacation it’s Kolkata or Bhubaneswar, Puri or Darjeeling. I sometimes feel bad that I didn’t really explore my state. When the makers of the show shot for the show, Contacted me, it was almost like a wish list come true.

There were many unexplored places, cultures and even some interesting cuisines that the actor explored through the show. He said, “I had always heard about Sahrai art but was not very familiar with it. Here, I saw the art form in its raw form in a village where women practice it on the mud walls of their huts during a special festival. I met Justin (Imam) and his wife Alka who are doing some extraordinary things to keep it safe. I met Aruna Tetke who is trying to bring tribal cuisine into the mainstream. For the first time, I ate phatkal, which I never knew existed across the state. I visited Betla National Park, ate at the Ajam Amba tribal restaurant, and even visited Hindru Falls. There are many hidden gems worth exploring.

On the work front, the actor has recently started shooting for Mirzapur 3. Duggal says he is excited to be back on the show, “I can’t reveal much but I am always excited to work in Mirzapur. It was a pleasure to reunite with a cast that all So talented. Gurmeet (Singh) is directing us this season as well. It’s satisfying to have a director who knows the characters and the world inside and out.

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