Rakhi Sawant Alleges Her Husband Adil Receives Death Threats From Bishnoi Gang: ‘Is It Love?’

Rakhi Sawant has been dating Adil Khan Durrani for quite some time now. The actress is often spotted by the paparazzi with her beauty and never shies away from showing her love for him in public. However, in a recent interaction with the paparazzi, Rakhi Sawant alleged that her boyfriend Adil has been receiving death threats. He claimed that the alleged threats were from the Bishnoi gang. The Bigg Boss 15 fame also sent a stern warning to the gang and asked them not to hurt Adil.

“We will kill you. Bishnoi group threat. Stay away from Rakhi Sawant,” read the message Rakhi allegedly received from a man named Dawood Hassan.

Speaking to the paparazzi about the same, Rakhi said, “We both love each other. What have we done to you? Why are you threatening us? Adil is my love. I can’t live without it. If something happens to my Adil…

“Stop threatening him. You have to finish me first. Why would you kill me? Is it a crime to love someone? Have you never loved someone? Nothing should happen to my Adil. He has to. Take it seriously. What does that mean? You are my brother. Help sister build her house, don’t destroy it,” he added.

Interestingly, Rakhi Sawant asked Salman Khan not to worry about the death threats and mentioned that she has been praying for the actor day and night. “I am very happy. I have to say to him, ‘Salman sir, don’t take tension, nothing will happen’. He has the favors of the entire nation and I also pray for him day and night,” she told Koimoi. said in reference to .com.

If required, I am ready to be Salman Khan’s bodyguard. If he is walking here, I will walk in front of him. If someone shoots, the bullet will hit me… it won’t hit bro,” he added.

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