Which is the Organisations Need to Know About the Product Tours?

Product tour is the in-application tutorial that will help in guiding the new uses about the SAAS interface of the tools along with the most important features of the whole process. This is most commonly also known as the product walk-through and will help in creating the enterprise companies in terms of simplification of the whole process. The very basic misconception which the people have about the product tour is that it is an automatic version of the traditional onboarding of the users. But it is not so because product tour is much more than the simple proper featuring provided by the organisations in this particular area. Depending on Product tour is a very good idea because it will help in formulating the best possible impression and will also help in improving the product adoption rates in the organisations.


 Why should companies use the concept of Product tours for the user onboarding systems?


The very well designed Product tour will always help in streamlining the boarding procedure and will ultimately help out the new users to find out the features and user interface elements faster in comparison to other available options. The more sophisticated product will be, the more it is important to have the access to Product tour so that everybody can be perfectly guided throughout the learning curve. The very basic goal of the user onboarding process is to recognise the value of the product as quickly as possible add the recognition of value in this particular state is also known as the AHA moment which will ultimately help in propelling the users to words the activation and full product adoption in the long run.


Effective Product tour will ultimately help in streamlining the path to AHA moment into most important ways which have been explained as follows:


  1. It will help in the simplification of the user experience which will further make sure that learning will be significantly improved. Every user will be perfectly taught in the whole process about how to use the most important features of the product which will be relevant to their comprehensive rules and regulations of the whole process.
  2. This particular aspect is very much capable of driving meaningful action and will make sure that instead of providing the basic overview of the key feature everything will be very much active in the whole process. The concerned users will be learning the things by actually doing which will ultimately help in maximising the knowledge retention and will ensure that everybody will be able to have a good command over the products in a very fast manner.
  3. This particular aspect is directly linked with improving the engagement systems it will further make sure that the overall experience will be significantly improved and everyone will be remaining engaged and recognise the whole process of the actual value of the tools.


  1. Product tour is the core component of self-service onboarding systems which will ultimately help in improving the overall adoption rate with the help of inbound supporting calls so that there is a bare minimum need of training in the whole process.


Following are the basic guidelines that the organisations need to take into consideration to create the most effective Product tour in the industry:


  1. The organisations always need to pay proper attention to the personalisation aspect up to the best possible level because this will help in segmenting the Product tour according to the user rules to create a highly personalised experience.
  2. This particular aspect is directly linked with triggering the Product tour into the user action so that everyone can be on the right track of ensuring proper tutorial segmentation in the whole process.
  3. Organisations always need to match the user interface Patterns with the use of cases so that there is no issue and everybody is quickly able to learn the features.
  4. The organisations always need to maintain the design consistency in the whole process so that engagement and overall adoption can be significantly improved.
  5. The organisations always need to focus on the way element in comparison to the “who” element so that conveying of values to the actions can be carried out very easily and everybody will be highly motivated to engage with the products.


Hence, having a comprehensive idea about the basic guidelines associated with the Product tour is very much important in the entire industry.