Pooja Bhatt’s Tips for a Healthy Dating Life

After the massive success of the first season of SwipeRite, YouTube is back with another season. For the uninitiated, the show offers exclusive dating advice to Tinder members. With Kusha Kapila, blogger and Pooja Bhatt, headlining the show, we know we’re in good hands, don’t we? Bringing his decades of experience to the game of life, Bhatt gives us advice on love, dating and relationships in the 2020s. From telling us what our dating app bios should look like to teaching us how to date, she says it all. In her words, “Love is life and life is love,” so here are some tips to make the most of your dating life:

Be brave and put yourself out there

‘Are we going to dispose of our hearts? Yes, we are going to pour our hearts out. But are we still going to put ourselves out there?’ Yes! We’ll put ourselves out there. Love is what makes us human, and it takes courage and nerves of steel. So, forget that ex, improve your profile and get back out there to find your perfect match.

Be your authentic self.

This cannot be said enough ladies – always be your true, authentic self! Just like Bhatt told the Bollywood industry to either accept it for what it is or reject it – you should have a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude towards your potential matches. To remind yourself of this gospel truth, consider the character of Dorothy Parker’s poem Miss P, Bhatt, who leaves us – “If you don’t like me like that, my love, with you.” . Verified profiles are more attractive and get more likes, so it’s a clear win. Verify yourself and don’t forget to look for the blue check mark on other profiles you appear on.

When it comes to your love life – travel light

Another expert dating tip from Miss P is to travel light and leave no baggage behind. In this journey of life and love, it is best to leave the ex where they belong – in the past – and move into a new phase of your life with a fresh mind and an open heart. So, take Miss P’s advice, let go of that ex’s emotional baggage from your life and find a match that’s on an app with you.

Consent matters both ways.

She reminds us that consent is an important and non-negotiable aspect of any relationship, not just for women, but for all genders.

Intelligence and communication are big green flags.

For Miss P, good communication is a big green flag to look for in a partner. She says the only ‘six-pack’ she’s interested in is ‘the abs between a man’s ears’, aka, his brain. She also highlights the ability to share a comfortable silence, being a green flag. Profile details are more important than ever, with details in your profile you can really show your potential matches who you are and what you’re looking for.

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