Planning to get inked but scared of all the myths? Debunking Myths About Tattoos

Half of the world’s population still believes that tattoos can only be associated with people who prefer “alternative” lifestyles, are bad, break rules and are definitely a There are hipsters. But, one should know that tattoos are an integral part of many cultures around the world including India.

Tattoos can often be a means of reflecting one’s thoughts, representing exactly what one is feeling at that particular moment in life and looking at them even years later is always special because it is often you. reflect the personality of

AG (used on request) believes that “tattoos can be a gift to yourself. So you will always know that these were your mistakes, so embrace them with all your heart.”

They say that once you get inked, you can’t stop getting tattoos, but that’s probably because of the simple reason that they look beautiful and because they start to mean something to them. are

Niloy Das of Lizard Skin Tattoos said, “My tattoos are a part of being a man. Remembering all the times I’ve been through, good or bad.”

And while many people may be impressed by your aesthetic sense or your courage to get a tattoo, there are also many who won’t—but sadly, a large number of people are surrounded by art. Will continue to believe in taboos. Refrain from inking your bodies.

There are many misconceptions about tattoos but the one that scares people the most is cancer – it’s sad but true that many people still hold this belief.

“It is not true that one can get cancer after getting a tattoo because one should always remember that cancer is not a communicable disease,” says Dr Adrija Rahman Mukherjee.

Having said that, he added that “people should, however, be careful of blood-borne infections and get tattoo needles checked before starting a session.”

Therefore, it is highly advisable to get tattooed from a reputable place and make sure that the tattoo artist uses a new needle for each new person they are working on.

Niloy says, “The only myth about tattoos that is true is that it can increase your stamina and strength. Many tribal communities around the world believe this and it has been scientifically proven that tattoos boost immunity.” can act as an extension.”

Another myth that usually prevents a person from getting a tattoo is that once one gets a tattoo, they will not be able to donate blood in any way. But that’s not quite true-

SG (used on request) got her first tattoo almost a decade ago and that hasn’t stopped her from donating blood every year, she says, “I started donating blood very early in life. Started and before tattooing I was skeptical because I heard that once tattooed people are not allowed to participate in blood donation.

“But I asked many doctors around if it was true or not and they all agreed that having a tattoo would not interfere with my annual practice of donating blood and since then I have done it every year. Donated blood and not only that, I also donated blood to my mother after her major surgery – no surgeon stopped me,” he added.

However, the process of getting a tattoo requires a lot of trust and the work that will be done on you will be very complicated and you should be careful about the aftercare procedure.

And if you fear that your tattoo will fade over time, it may actually be because of the quality of the ink used. So, it is again recommended that you thoroughly check the place where you are planning to get your tattoo.

Always remember, tattoos can be removed and modified in the long run – so if you’re regretting getting a tattoo in ten years time, you know you have a way out. Is.

And, be aware of the fact that your tattoo artist is hardly ever wrong, so trust the process and their instincts, they will more or less ensure that you are right on your choice of tattoo. Don’t regret.

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