Best Pewdiepie Gaming Chair Reviews 2021


Now the first thing I want to say about this Pewdiepie gaming chair is that you have to put it together yourself, which may be a bit off-putting. It's meant to take 2 adults of both 30 minutes to assemble it, but on the day that I received it, I was alone, so I had to put it together myself. I still managed to do it in about the same amount of time but not with some fairly strenuous effort. Luckily though,

It does come with everything you need for the assembly process, including a solitary tool with all the tools we're going to need. It's a basic Allen wrench with a Phillips head screwdriver at the longer end. Of course, there's a pretty decent instruction booklet that gives you a perfect idea of what to do in a ton of different languages, something like 8 or 9. Those include all of the major North American languages so English French Spanish Chinese and so on.

Pewdiepie Gaming Chair Features


 Included among the features of this gaming chair is a high strength to build our steel frame that can support up to 330 pounds of wheat, so it's a very strong but also very heavy in fact,

I found this to be incredibly heavy for a chair of its size and type and by type all I mean is that it's sort of similar to a typical office here so very heavy but that does bode well for its overall strength and durability.

I truly think that this gaming chair could hold up under just a tremendous beating without coming out too much worse for the wear it's only that top.

Pewdiepie Gaming Chair Comfort


Also included are high-density foam cushions that are great both for comfort and support as well as a long lifespan because they're quite durable too, and they even throw in a couple of additional questions that are physically connected to the chair others an oversized lumbar support cushion that I personally never used and probably don't need. There's a head or neck that if you choose to attach it you can or not.

I like this one a lot it was especially comfortable when I reclined the chair just that perfect angle such that the pillow was placed exactly right for supporting my neck and head, so I like that little one a whole lot in it attach is basically with a bit of strap that you kind of click it together.

Pewdiepie Chair Build Quality

build quality

There's also a class clasp for a gas lift to raise and lower the chair, and I have a little bit of difficulty with mine. I'm not quite sure whether it was me or the Pewdiepie gaming chair itself, so do be aware of that there are non-marking casters that make it possible to roll the chair along very smoothly on most common flooring surfaces as well as a whole slew of different adjustments that you can make besides the up and down, for instance,

There's a swivel tilt mechanism with the total building range of about 12 degrees, and there are 3D armrest that the just in multiple dimensions including up and down forwards and backward sliding. There's even a little bit of rotation in there about 10 degrees or so and a reclining back that ranges anywhere between 85 and 135 degrees so lots of little comfort adjustments that you can make with this chair.

Which People Should Want To Buy?

The final thing I wanted to mention about the  chair suspects is that the upholstery is kind of a full leather or polyurethane material  easy to clean in most cases all you have to do is give it a wipe with a damp cloth and you're all set so how about a final verdict on this

 chair do I recommend it well perfectly for the right person I do for instance if you're a serious gamer or if you're someone that's in need of a good office chair perhaps you sit at a desk all day maybe you've got a home office

this  chair should check most of the little boxes that you'll be looking for of course I don't personally fall into that target market myself not being a gamer and preferring not to use a desk even when I'm writing I typically sit on the Chesterfield use my laptop with a desk but this

chair is very well made I can almost imagine it surviving humanity it'll probably still be here 1000 years after the rest of us are gone it's also attractive very modern looking it's ergonomics we designed super comfortable. And I do think that it's a great  chair for those that make up its intended audience.

Specification Of Pewdiepie Gaming Chair 

Color: Black/Red
Material: Alloy Steel
Item Dimension: 81 x 66 x 35cm
Item weight: 59 pounds
Brand: Clutch: Chairs
Weight Capacity: 265lbs
3D Armrest:  armrest in just 3 direction Up/down, Forward/rear, Rotates +-10 degrees
Non-Marking CastorsPolyurethane coated castors

Pros And Cons


  • More general seat base and flexible armrest will improve the support of larger gamers.
  • The large backrest also 4D armrest guidance to give optimum comfort and support.
  • It features breathable elements that help in dispersing heat.
  • This is a straight-ahead Pewdiepie gaming chair for potential users. The adaptable sizing suggests that it fits an extensive range of users. According to the chair, to your correct size is simple. Migrate the lumbar help pillow to fit inside the indent of your backbone. Then lean back and make the seatwork its charm.
  • The big price tag ensures excellence where it includes. For the one point, the upholstery is top class: soft, flexible and breathable. For different, the high-end padding is manufactured to last. The Throttle Series is likely to continue up below ages of large use.


  • The Pewdiepie gaming chair are lightly secured and will need some time to "break-in" well for remarkable.
  • Would have benefitted for a bit extra cushioning.
  • Most gaming chairs price within $350 to $500. The Throttle Series is at the large end of this series. That is a costly gaming chair!
  • There are several gaming chairs with excellent ergonomics that required less than $200. Several more affordable chairs also come with extras like footrests built-in speakers.
  • Those who spend more extra do so for the flexibility, durability and overall level of excellence. If those items aren’t relevant to you, consider purchasing a more affordable chair.


The Clutch gaming chair Throttle is an attractive and well-built gaming chair that works on all faces. While the cost tag force give any gamers stay.

 If you continue to watching for something strong with excellent brand identification, then Clutch gaming chair should be involved in your shortlist of stock. This is a trusted trademark run by well-known streamers out there.

The Clutch gaming chair Throttle Series is an high gaming chair. The chair made this design violently successful by using it in his videos. But these chairs are not high because of Pewdiepie. They run more because they use high-quality substances.

The steel frame, padding, and upholstery are made to last 4 years. The chair is simple to assemble and appears very solid. Also by heavy daily use, it keeps up well.

Do you want to correct posture, increase energy and supercharge your business performance? If you are ready to spend more extra for quality, that is a firm investment.

Buy a Clutch gaming chair Throttle Series and enjoy reliable ergonomic support for ages.

Clutch Chairz Throttle Series

clutch chairz

We will be looking at the roaring success of the gaming chair by clutch chairz this chair has a price to 300 something to 400 it’s not a conform price you can check at below button and at the time of this review make sure that we can keep bringing you the info and honest reviews you need to help you make that buying decision.

Unboxing and Assembling


When getting everything out of the box, I realize that clutch gaming chairz had made a real asset to add extra packaging to ensure nothing is damaged in transit, which is really appreciated. When diving into the box and taken out the backrest and the seat, they felt pretty light, and it's probably because the whole thing isn't actually thought heavy, weighing in at 21 kilograms in total when built, which I think is pretty light. When I remove the base of the seat, it was nice to see that the armrests while already attached. However, I will come back to this in seconds after removing all the components it's time for the manual the manual was small but thankfully big enough for me to read the manual comfortably doesn't specify a certain amount of people recommended to build this chair either but in typical kicker fashion, I'm going to give it a go by myself.

Unfortunately, the bolts weren't labelled, so it took me a second kind of work out what ones were in the picture and what the manual was talking about also the bolts and tools what in a blister pack this took me a good 5 minutes to get everything else off as the kind of kept repeating as I tried to pay it back, so I had to get a knife from prying open each individual section slightly annoying the tools and screws all of the excellent quality though on the L-shaped Allen slash screwdriver was a really good idea or is it really helps you get the force behind your action.

Unlike other chairs, the first thing ask me to do is attach the backrest to the seat, which is unusual because I find that usually, this is the last step when building a chair, but when along with the anyway was the attaching the backrest of the chair. I had an issue with one the backrest screws. Once you did find the thread, it took quite a lot of force, ready to get back going once it did get going, though, it went in while the rest of the way, and it was fine with little to no affect.

That beginning bit was a little bit difficult. Now I know it's a common issue for the old screw to be kind of miss-threaded did. However, you know, due to millions being made in the factory, I'm not going to really market down significantly for this. However, it was really quite frustrating. Next, I touch the covers to hide the screws. This was easy enough, and then I attached the underneath mechanics; as I looked at this part, I realize that the armrest has little holes on the plate on the bottom that fix it to the chair base underneath so that you can move them further away or closer to your body.

Here I noticed that it looks like the armrest has been full style inside the holes may be due to weight or something pressing on it. This did cause some scrapes on the insides and around those holes chipping off the black paint to reveal the steel underneath. I loosen the screws, though, and replaced the arm to where it looked like it should have been, and to be honest, and it wasn't that bad because you couldn't really see the damages obviously because it was hidden by the screws, but it's still damaged to report.

Underneath, I put on some felt washes before attaching the mechanics to the underneath the clutch chairz this was pretty simple with no hiccups at all the wheels also a little difficult to push him that this is something I see in most chairs. It's kind of awkward because you call get hand flat on the way to push you to the cutout shape on the fact that move so much then I lifted the chair onto the piston and.  I found the chair like to than I expected but it. It wasn't easy doing it on my own, and I did have to ask for help, so I would recommend that this is a two-person job. Ideally, I finally added the cushions, which was easy enough, threading them through the chair's back and attaching them with these little clips.

I noticed that the suede feel felt stuff on the side appeared to be scuffed by something. No matter how hard you rubbed it all in any direction that you rubbed, it was kind of look raised, so a bit of a visual imperfection in all. This chair to me about 40 minutes to put together, which is, you know,

I think my average; to be honest, I know that it may have come across like I had an absolute nightmare with this putting it together, but I can assure you it wasn't as bad as it sounded I wanted to outline the issues of course that I had for you, but most of them were fleeting all easily resolved, and once the clutch chairz was built it was definitely worth it.

Material and Comfort Discussion

comfort and discussion

This chair looks feels and fantastic the felt makes this chair instantly feel comforting. The quality transfers over to the head and backrest too, which are also this soft suede-like material while we're on the subject to text is the breathable PVC leather that runs all over the clutch gaming chair is really texted in itself, and it feels really high-end nothing like the usual shiny pleather that you can see on some of the other chairs.



The shape of this chair is really comfortable two because it kind of hugs your body, and it's contoured very well for small to the medium frame like myself. Without the pillows you do get a totally different feel I've positioned them with the pillows as they are quite thick. It makes the contact points with the actual backrest minimal I really must rest say being a pillow person these pillows really impressed me they are really soft and really supportive and as I said really thick too.



The backrest itself is really supportive and comfortable on its own as well though so if you are no pillows kind of person then you will be fine with this too. As mentioned just now due to the contour of this chair you may find if you are of a slightly larger disposition. Then this shape may not be very comfortable as the curves on the seat of the chair for instance could dig into your legs or may hug your back a little too tightly.

This pewdiepie chair is made as a midsize and has a weight limit of 120 kilograms but there is the clutch chairz that is made in a larger size and that accommodates up to 160 kilograms.



The seat itself, though, is really comfy, not too soft, though because that could mean it was kind of sag over time, and if you sat on the frame, for instance, we won't want that, but it is soft enough that it molds to shape almost instantly it really absorbs your weight evenly this is most likely due to the high-density mold shaping famous pewdiepie chair themselves like to collect I felt no pressure aches or pains this chair even off that I was a few detail-wise the stitching is lush and gold it really does create a royal feel as well as the embroidered logo at the top of the headrest.

The diamond embossed pattern that runs down the backrest and seat also adds to the opulence of this chair comfort wise the only thing that is generic to me is the armrest they all the usual hard rubber you see on most gaming chairs may be slightly more give but still basically just hard rubber. They also texture for extra grip. Even though there is a lot of plastic here, there was also a lot of metal, and it doesn't lose that premium feel with a still frame. It feels really sturdy that's no rock or wobble in any position.

Moving all to usability now, we have three action points on the armrest. The button at the front of the armrest moves the armrest backward and forwards, friendly and safe, no issues here. The rectangle button underneath on the inside of the armrest controls the in and out with motion or sideways movement.

However, this is pretty stiff and isn't really easy to do, which is a little bit annoying; I'm probably the only thing I would say that lets the build quality down of the pewdiepie chair. The third is the lever on the outside to the armrest allows you to move it up and down; this again smooth, Friendly, and easy moving down on the right-hand side of the chair we have the reclining leave us with this particularly lever you are not restricted to fixed steps when reclining your chair and if you fancy to nap on the job well.

You can recline with 180 degrees of recline, and again there was no global anything even not for replying even though I kind of always feel nervous doing that. Moving down again, you have the piston-driven lift height adjustment paddle pointing towards the back of the chair, and I personally prefer this as it's more of an instinctual thing for me because my own chair has the left pedal this way round tape it is straightforward to get to with that nice big paddle. It's really smooth to operate underneath the chair. We have the adjustable tilt and resistance knob by turning this knob located under the chair.

You can adjust the behavior and control the level of resistance you would like from the your tilt as we all coming down to the floor. The final thing I would touch on is the wheels. They all really easy to whizz around the ring with. They are smooth. You could even use one leg to push this chair around if you wanted to, and that's a pretty big feet since we live in an old converted mill here with on even floors and a short pole carpet.

Frequently Ask Question

Q1) Is the Pewdiepie chair worth it?

Clutch is the most trustworthy gaming chairs in the market. If you're in the shop or market for a high-quality gaming chair, then the Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Pewdiepie Edition chair will provide to your requirements and hold you comfortable while it does it.

Q2) Is clutch gaming chairz good?

The Clutch Chairz Throttle is an attractive and well-built gaming chair that performs on all displays. While the cost tag might give amazing gamers stop. If you are watching for something reliable including premium brand identification, then Clutch Chairs should be involved in your shortlist of choice.

Q3) what gaming chair does Pewdiepie use?

Clutch Chairz

Pewdiepie is remarkably rich, so he wants a chair that's just as impactful. That's why he only uses the Throttle Series chair from Clutch Chairz. Clutch gaming Chair creates acknowledged gaming chairs and accessories like chair frames and mousepads.

Q4) How expensive is Pewdiepie gaming chair?

If you order it right, it's $399. Here is an excellent and comfortable chair.

Q5)  Are gaming chairs more comfortable?

They were also higher flexible than any other chair in the market, "Gaming chairs are more convenient because they're very customizable, the Overmatch clutch gaming chair whose first gaming chair was a Clutch chair that he bought even before he worked well.

Q6) How long does it take for clutch Chairz to ship?

In-stock items usually ship within 1-2 business days.