Peta protesters were arrested after touching the Starbucks counter.

Two PETA protesters who clapped their hands at a Starbucks counter in Chicago for an additional charge for plant-based milk substitutes are now facing charges.

Two unidentified men – one of whom was a Buddhist monk – at the request of the police, after six other protesters left the premises, they found themselves in a quite stunning situation.

Video footage A police officer and a store manager, picked up by a spectator, begged the two men to take the protest out.

“Upon arrival, officers spotted eight protesters who had been told to leave by the store manager. Six of the protesters complied and two men were present at the scene,” the Chicago Police Department told The Post.

The statement added that “officers called the Chicago Fire Department, which managed to remove the culprits from the counter without any injuries.”

One of the protesters was beaten by an angry Starbucks user.
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Both men were arrested and taken into custody.

video The trial shows two men – one wearing a shirt with the words “End Wagon Country Upcharge” and the other dressed – sticking their hands on the counter top, creating a scene.

“We’re here at Starbucks, Chicago, with PETA to alert them to stop waking up and charging extra for plant-based, animal and land-friendly milk options.” One protester told the crowd.

“No one should be punished for choosing sustainable options.”

Typically, Starbucks locations charge more than سین 50 for a drink made with the company’s plant-based options over dairy milk.

PETA Vice President Tracy Rayman criticized the price increase, saying it was “bad for the planet.”

“Starbucks penalties on vegan milk are bad for cows, bad for the planet, and bad for consumers who are lactose intolerant, many of them colorful people,” he said. Said in a statement.

“Like PETA Glue, it will remain on Starbucks until it agrees to drop the wagon charge.”

One of the two unidentified men arrested after protesting at Chicago's Starbucks for a plant-based milk substitute.
Demonstrators argued that consumers should not be penalized for choosing more sustainable options.
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Starbucks had earlier issued a statement on the addition of plant-based milk options.

“We respect the rights of our customers to express their views in a respectful manner as long as it does not interfere with the operation of our store,” Starbucks said in an earlier statement. The Washington Post. “Regarding alternative milk, consumers can customize any beverage on the menu with non-dairy milk, including soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and oatmeal milk at extra cost (other beverages). As needed (such as an extra espresso shot or syrup).

“Pricing varies depending on the market. Adding a splash of any alt-milk to brewed coffee, iced coffee, cold brewed and Americano drinks is offered free of charge.

Starbucks did not immediately respond to a request for comment.