Pankaj Tripathi talks about his insomnia despite his wealth.

At the first edition of News18 India’s Amrit Ratan Suman in New Delhi, Pankaj Tripathi talks about success and makes everyone understand the meaning of the word. When asked how it feels to be successful, he explained that he is a spiritual man and doesn’t see any criteria for success. He shared his problems in sleeping despite being rich.

He added that he was happy to receive the national award after his role at Newton, especially since the program has no corporate sponsorship.

Pankaj said, “After the film Newton, I started to feel that life is going well.” He also thanked News18 India for Amrit Ratan Suman. He said that News 18 has given me both Amrit and Ratna, making him immortal.

During the interview, Tripathi recalled how he got his role in Ran in which he played a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it character.

He said, “They came to me with an offer. I didn’t have to go anywhere for my first film. It was a very small part, though. They were looking for an actor because the one they finalized, He ran away. So just an hour before the shoot in Delhi, they started looking for an actor. Someone told them, ‘There’s an actor sleeping there, he has good comic timing.’ I was asleep (I was sleeping).

He continued, “They came to me and woke me up. I asked them who are you? They said, ‘Filum din aye hain (we are here to offer you a film)’. I said, ‘What kind of man is this?’ So, I got my first movie while I was sleeping. And after that I wouldn’t get movies even on the run.

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