Panel to testify against Virginia ‘Guinea’ Thomas on January 6

On January 6, the House Select Committee to Investigate the Capital Riots is going to call for testimony from Virginia “Guinea” Thomas – the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – on her possible role in trying to derail the 2020 presidential election.

Committee Chairman Benny Thompson (D-Miss.) Told Axios on Thursday The committee believes that “now is the time” to speak to the panel, in light of newly received emails revealing that Thomas had correspondence with Trump ally and conservative lawyer John Eastman. Of

“We think it’s time to invite him, at some point, to the committee,” Thompson said.

“We have discovered in these Eastmen. [emails] Some information from Ginny Thomas.

The chairman declined to say what Thomas would be asked if she accepted the committee’s invitation, which is expected to be sent “soon”.

It is included in the contents of emails between Eastman and Thomas, however other emails were received from Eastman. The New York Times claimed The lawyer had the insight of a “hot fight” between the judges of the Supreme Court on a specific case of disagreement with the election results.

The House Select Committee to Investigate Capital Riots will seek testimony from Gini Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
John Eastman
Newly obtained emails indicate that Ginny Thomas corresponded with former President Donald Trump’s attorney John Eastman (pictured here).
Committee on January 6
On January 6, committee chairman Benny Thompson told Axios that “now is the time” for the committee to question Guinea Thomas.

“So the difficulties are not based on legal merits but on the judges’ backbone assessment, and I think there is a hot battle going on,” Eastman allegedly wrote, “for those who do their duty. Want to pay, we should help by filing a Wisconsin Certificate Petition to add them to the mix.

In recent weeks, many questions have been raised about the role Thomas may have played in trying to end the defeat of former Donald Trump, as revealed in a joint Washington Post / CBS News report. Sent a series of text messages to the then White House. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows called for electoral reshuffle in the weeks following the election.

Shortly afterwards, a Washington Post report revealed that Thomas had emailed two Arizona lawmakers in November and December 2020, urging them to elect new voters. It was later revealed that Thomas had emailed a total of 29 Arizona lawmakers with the same request.

The revelations have also raised concerns about the involvement of Clarence Thomas in Supreme Court cases related to the 2020 presidential election, as he was the only one to disagree with a January decision that barred the release of a large number of documents. Trump had fought to keep him from the committee.

Since then, several Democratic lawmakers have called for a halt to similar issues.

Asked if the president had any concerns about the administration of justice in the court, White House press secretary Crane Jane Pierre declined to comment, saying “this is a matter for the court to decide. . ”

“I can say that we have full confidence in the select committee – the select committee on January 6 and it is up to them how they will carry out the specific process they are going through,” he said on Thursday. Said Press briefing.