Panchayat memes got a twist after ‘Binod’ posed with ‘Rinki’.

Pachait 2’s band made a reverse card of UNO on Sachyoji. “Dekh rahe hai banod” memes have been doing the rounds on social media, but now, “Dekh rahe ho sachio ji” has apparently become a meme too. This is because actor Ashok Pathak, who played the role of Binod in Panchayat, posed with actress Sanvika, who played the role of Rinki in the series.

Pathak himself shared some memes on his Instagram stories. For the uninitiated, Sachio and Rinki’s characters are romantically involved in the show, hence the hullabaloo.

After a long wait of two years, The Viral Fever aka TVF launched the second season of the comedy series Panchayat. The much anticipated second season came with an equally entertaining plot as the first season. Not only were the character arcs given new curves, but the plotline was also more diverse, including a possible love angle. As soon as the second season was released, the fans couldn’t keep calm and many went wild on the day it was released. Social media, naturally, went abuzz with memes garnering a lot of space on multiple platforms including the micro-blogging site, Twitter. Panchayat Secretary Abhishek, Prahlad Pandey, and Vikas steal the show with their witty and snappy dialogues. And many of Abhishek’s dialogues made it to memefest.

Deepak Kumar Mishra is the director extraordinaire of the comedy-drama Panchayat, but chances are you know him from somewhere else. Not too long ago, Mishra was also the face of the popular TVF Roadies parody “Muja koi kehi nahi yaar, muja suna hi nahi hai”. A Twitter page called La Cinephile shared the trivia on the microblogging platform. Turns out Mishra’s claim to fame is older than Amazon Prime’s Panchayat, even older than his famous Raghu Ram impersonation. In the comments, some Twitter users even pointed out that Mishra also played the role of an electrician in TVF’s Permanent Roommates.

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