Pakistan’s Minister Ahsan Iqbal has urged citizens to drink less tea to support the economy.

Economic Crisis in Pakistan: The plight of Pakistan, a victim of the financial crisis, is not hidden from anyone. The government of Pakistan has now appealed to the citizens of the country to reduce the use of tea to overcome the shortage of money. This bizarre appeal to Pakistani citizens has been made by none other than Pakistani Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal. Ahsan Iqbal has urged Pakistani citizens to reduce their consumption of tea.

Arguing behind this, he said the move would help the government reduce import costs. The Pakistani minister said that the government imports tea with a loan. Therefore, the government wants to reduce the cost of importing tea. Speaking to media in the capital Islamabad on Tuesday, Ahsan Iqbal said that he appealed to the people of the country to reduce their consumption of tea by one or two cups daily. Because we also take money to import tea. ”

The minister blamed Imran Khan.

Ahsan Iqbal blamed the previous government for the deteriorating situation in Pakistan. He accused Imran Khan’s government of destroying the country’s economy. He also appealed to the traders to save electricity to improve the economic condition of the country. He asked the shopkeepers to close the market till 8.30 pm.

Let me tell you that the government of Pakistan last month banned the import of 41 items for just two months to control the economic situation. But the sanctions do not appear to have had much effect. The import ban by Pakistan has reduced the import bill by only 600 600 million which is only 5% of the total import expenditure.

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