Pacers’ Myles Turner says he’s ‘ultimately numb’ to trade rumors amid potential Lakers deal talks

Another summer of trade rumors hasn’t bothered Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner, who says he found peace during a recent trip to Tanzania and is “desensitized” to all the drama at this point in his career.

Earlier this offseason, Turner traveled to Tanzania to work with Malcolm Brogdon’s Family Foundation and Hopes for Humanity, helping build wells for clean water and hosting a basketball clinic. He also used the trip to learn about the country’s history and prepare himself ahead of the upcoming season.

“This is my fifth offseason with trade rumors,” Turner told Endscape. “‘He’s going to land here; he’s going to do this. He’s going to do that.’ I eventually became desensitized to it in a sense. So that’s another thing I was proud of myself for as well. I put myself in the Africa experience as opposed to my personal life or my own selfish reasons. Succeeded in drowning.

“The way I’m feeling right now, my point of view is that I’m in pretty good shape right now. I’ve worked to get back from my injuries. And just make myself a professional. Carry on like I always do. [Pacers] Training camp or is it a training camp somewhere else, I will go myself. And that’s all, that’s all I can expect for myself. This is definitely a proving season for me. Just proving to myself that I’m worth it. Playing the five position, something that’s obviously very important to me. Something I’m looking forward to doing this year. My mindset is solid. I’m good to go and everything is tight in my corner.”

At his best, Turner is the perfect center for the modern era, who can lead the league in blocks and knock down 3-pointers at a solid clip. Those skills make him intriguing to playoff teams, and a very reasonable four-year, $80 million contract (which expires after this season) makes him easy to fit in a trade.

Between some inconsistent play at the end of it, injuries and the changing fortunes of the Pacers, a deal was never reached. But until a trade actually happens or Turner hits free agency, the rumors won’t stop — especially now that the Pacers have embraced a full rebuild.

Lately, Turner has been Mentioned as a possible target for the Los Angeles Lakers.. Talks of a trade that would have sent Turner and Buddy Hield to the Lakers in exchange for Russell Westbrook and draft compensation eventually fell apart over the Lakers’ refusal to add two first-round picks, but if none, it resurfaced at some point. can. Another way for the Lakers to move Westbrook.

Either way, Turner will look to bounce back from a disappointing 2021-22 campaign in which he was limited to just 42 games by a foot injury.