Odell Beckham Jr. Free Agency: Reims CEO Kevin Dempf hopes team can sign veteran WR

Defending champion Rams made two recent splashes with the re-signing of stars Aaron Donald and Cooper Cope. Odell Beckham Jr. defends Los Angeles title May also be re-signed, which helped the franchise win its first title in 22 years last season.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff has publicly expressed interest in re-signing Beckham, who played a key role in Rams’ Super Bowl run since joining the team during the season.

“Am I optimistic that we can make a deal in time? Yes,” Demoff said Recently told Athletic. “We would love to bring him back. We will welcome him with open arms tomorrow, even after that.” He crashed Shaun’s marriage.It was nice to see him there. “If you crash the head coach’s wedding and he’s still willing to sign you again, that’s a good sign.”

Demoff believes the timeline following Beckham’s broken ACL injury, which occurred during the Rams’ Super Bowl win over the Bengals, is one of the reasons the former Pro Bowl receiver has not yet been signed. Given the fact that Beckham may not be ready to play until the start of the season, Dempf believes that there may be an urgent need for a deal between Beckham, The Rams, and possibly other teams. No sense

The pay cap is another reason the Rams have not already signed Beckham. If there was no pay cap, Demoff said the Rams could have signed Beckham months ago.

“Ultimately, when you’re in the distribution of resources, when you know a player who might come in and help you, maybe for the last few weeks but really in the playoffs, you have to focus on those people right now. There are going to be. To come here for training camp, start the season for you, “said Demoff. “And then, how much can you leave for Odell’s caliber player? … Is this a multi-year contract? Is it a one-year contract? All sorts of variables that come in Odell. That has changed. How much we love him and want him to stay here. ”

Demoff praised Beckham’s contribution to the Rams Championship season, calling it a “big part” of the Los Angeles title run. Beckham, who had seven touchdowns in 12 games with the Rams last season, had a huge gap in crime after the team got Beckham injured by Robert Woods (who is now with the Titans). rent.

“The Super Bowl, obviously, was playing very well at the pace of becoming an MVP,” Demoff said. “You forget in the NFC Championship game, I think he took 10 catches, more than 100 yards, some big, big catches and that was a big part of what we did during the playoffs. I think. I would like everyone to bring Odell back to the player. Odell the person back. He was a great asset to us. “

Demoff’s comments to The Athletic came after the cup Public lobbying For Beckham’s return. And despite Beckham’s marriage crash, McVeigh recently expressed hope that Beckham would return for the 2022 season.

“We would love to bring Odell back,” McWay said. “It’s really one of the reasons we chased Alan Robinson. I thought it was a big deal. We all know it was Cooper Cope’s year. I love Van Jefferson. But then again.” When you brought Odell into this mix last year, I thought he did a really good job when you got two guys in the opposite direction of formation based on how to change the math on the back end. Wanted, when you find a guy in many of these three people who can be alive and some of them can be automated for back loneliness, I thought Odell really allowed us to see that our What a huge part of the crime. Be based on the league scenario and some of the ways people are trying to defend you.

“He was a bowler. We want to try to get him back. We would love to work with him every single day.”