North Korea: Corona infection strikes another epidemic, sending medicine to many areas

Pyongyang North Korea has been battling corona virus infection for the past two months. Now the news is that this country has been gripped by another disease. The disease is spreading widely in many areas. That is why it is being said that the pressure on the health system has increased here.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent medicine to help distressed patients in the western port city of Heiju on Wednesday, according to the state-run CNA. There is currently no information on the number of people infected with the disease. But these diseases are said to be related to the gastrointestinal tract. That is, it is a digestive disease.

Kim Jong Un’s increase in tension
According to KCNA, Kim Jong Un has stressed the need to stop the epidemic as soon as possible. In such a situation, he has ordered immediate quarantine of the suspected patients. Let me tell you that just last month, a state of emergency was declared in North Korea due to Corona. The country already has a severe shortage of drugs and vaccines to fight coronavirus.

The number of patients is constantly increasing.
North Korea reported 26,011 more people with fever on Thursday. A total of 4.56 million fever patients have been recorded across the country since the end of April. At least 73 people have been killed so far.

Corona’s condition
Pyongyang is announcing the number of fever patients every day, not the number of people infected with the virus. It is said that there is a great shortage of Corona test kits. Experts also suspect under-reporting of data released by government-controlled media. North says the Corona wave is receding. But the World Health Organization earlier this month questioned Pyongyang’s claims, saying the situation there was getting worse.

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