Best Nokaxus Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

nokaxus gaming chair

When you open the nokaxus gaming chair box, get all the tools and a manual inside the box, and speak of the manual, this one is in sort of a booklet form, so it does look a lot more professional. It's a little bit more in-depth than most manuals that I have gotten for most chairs. It also aesthetically looks better, so installing this nokaxus gaming chair with my brother took about 30 to 40 minutes.

I assume if you do it yourself, it could take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how familiar you are with building chairs. I also really love that the screws for this nokaxus gaming chair are pre-installed, and they aren't overtightened, so you can use your thumbs to loosen them. Like I said, they include all the tools inside the box, and this is amazing. I've never seen any company pre-install screws like this.

Another cool thing that this chair includes is a mouse pad. It's a really wide one probably going to try it out soon. I don't want to trial yet because I don't have that much desk space despite having a long desk, but there's a long mouse pad inside the box, which is strange to see for a gaming chair.

Build Quality

nokaxus gaming chair

Let's talk about build quality and comfort. This thing is built better than the GT racing chair. I open up the zipper at the back of the nokaxus gaming chair, and I didn't see any rust. Still, yet again it was covered up, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume there are no blemishes,

but even if there are, it might not affect structural integrity very much because it's just a bit of rust there are also no scratches or cuts on the leather of this nokaxus gaming chair which I'm quite surprised to see because in the GTRacing one back part had at least 3 or 4 cuts on the leather which I find kind of strange. I'm not sure if it's from them or if it's from the shipping company, so I think the packaging for the share there was a little bit better.

And it did look better inside the box, so the back part of the chair pretty much straight with a couple of pillows to compensate for the lack of ergonomic design, and I think this works okay sometimes if you're a gamer, you might not want the most comfortable chair, so maybe you're not even resting your back you might be on the edge of your seat focusing on gaming.

However, if you want to lay back, it doesn't offer the best back support because it's just a lower back below and then a neck pillow, whereas if you had a mesh chair, it would conform to your spine, and that would be better for it back especially as you get older you might not get as much pain.

Seat Cushion

nokaxus gaming chair

But the seat cushion is one part that I like about this nokaxus gaming chair. It's a lot deeper than the GT racing chair, and it feels a lot great. They also use a memory sponge instead of a synthetic sponge, so this feels a lot better when you're sitting down it VS with the GT racing one; it felt like you were sitting on cardboard if I'm going, being honest.

This chair also features height and tilt adjustability so you can adjust it up and down it depending on how tall you are or tilts back and forth you want to lay down to take a nap, and that's also one cool part with most games chairs you know lay down almost completely flat there's also a footrest which I like to call leg rest because it doesn't support

my feet it kind of supports my legs more than that because my feet don't touch the footrest it is pretty convenient to have especially when you're laying down if you want to take a nap. You have wanted to have something support your legs the armrests with the chair are excellent.

It offers high adjustability; however, it's a little bit sticky when you pull it up or push it down. The wheels for this nokaxus gmaing chair are also a little bit smoother than the GT racing one. You can glide through wood floors a little bit smoother, and that is great to see. I mean, it kind of makes sense because this chair is more expensive than the GT racing one, and by the way, if you want to check out the nokaxus gaming chair, a link the below for your convenience.

Compare With Other Chair

I want to mention a gaming chair because since they're made of leather, they might not be the best in breathability. After all, especially if you're sweating while gaming, you might feel a little bit hotter sweat here, or the back part might get stickier.

Because it's not as breathable as a mesh material, but with gaming chairs, they tend to have higher payload capacity, so if you are a little bit heavier or just physically larger than most gaming chairs,

It could probably accommodate you better than a mesh chair. This nokaxus gaming chair has massage features built into the lower back, and it's a little bit weird because it plugs into USB to the power adapter and the only way to turn it on is a plug-in power. There's no power button, which I find kind of weird, so if you want to turn it off, you have to unplug it, and that's pretty inconvenient, but the massage feature works perfectly.

So overall, my feelings on this chair? I do like it over the GT racing one. It's a massive improvement in build quality. I'm personally not going to use this. I'm going to give this to my brother, and he's probably going to get the GT racing one to my parents or relatives or whatever. I'm just so spoiled with my mesh office chair from

autonomous? It's just a fantastic experience, and I can't use any other chair after using the nokaxus gaming chair. I mean, maybe a secret lab chair. I'm not sure I've never used a chair before, even perhaps a Herman Miller chair.

Those chairs are amazing as well. That is surprisingly not terrible for a gaming chair. It's not the best ergonomic design, but if you prefer a gaming chair, it's a step up from the GT racing one I also forgot to mention

It's more of a vibration than a massage, so if you want to lower back massage or at least a vibration to you just like it, then that's included with this nokaxus gaming chair sort of more a gimmick, though, because I don't find it useful.

Specification Of Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Seat width & depth: 22 inch x 21 inch
Backrest Height: 36.2
Width: 23.2 inch
Floor to seat range: 19.3 (H), 22.4" (W)
Total height: 55.5" to 58โ€™.6'

Pros And Cons


  • These chairs are excellent for comfortable, relaxing, and small office work.
  • Recline at 180 degrees for napping.
  • A powerful base with soft casters.
  • An excellent design that extends from the headrest down to the wheels.


  • The quality of this padding is low and but it is suited to part-time use. If you want to use this nokaxus gaming chair full-time, this is definitely not for you; consider spending more on an expensive esports ergonomic chair.
  • The leg rest doesn't stretch far, suitable for some bigger users.
  • Thirty to forty minutes to assemble this chair.


This nokaxus gaming chair has a 180-degrees angle. Have any recline angle from 90 to 180 degrees and also gain an amazingly relaxing experience. Use 90 degrees for Movie mode.

For reading, rest, or gaming mode, you can pick a 130-degree recliner. 150 degrees works absolutely for seeing your personal movies. In the end, use 180 degrees recliner for an extended comfy sleeping mode. Apart from tilting, it also has 3 dashing functions.

You can also customize the length of the seat as per your necessity. Pick the seat height from 9 to 22 inches as per your relaxation zon. The backrest of this comfy gaming chair is thirty-six inches high and twenty-three inches wide.

Its comfortable seat enables a too cozy feel with a 5.5 inches thick seat cushion. This seat has twenty inches of base and 16.5 inches of diameter. With only fifty-seven pounds of weight, it can carry three hundred fifty pounds without any delay.