NFL suspends Dolphins owner Tom Brady, removes 2023 first-rounder from team for tampering with Sean Payton

Six months later, former Dolphins coach Brian Flores accused team owner Stephen Ross Basically bribing him to lose the game For better draft position, the NFL temporarily stripped Miami of both Ross and the premium draft pick. NFL Media Reports. Commissioner Roger Goodell informed the franchise on Tuesday that the league’s investigation found that Ross had indicated at least 2019 that Ross had prioritized draft picks over winning record, and that he had not been able to recruit his big names. had illicit conversations with both Tom Brady and Sean Payton while trying to As a result, Ross was fined $1.5 million and suspended until October. 17, while the Dolphins must forfeit a 2023 first-round pick and a 2024 third-round pick due to a “violation of the integrity of the game.”

An NFL investigation found that the Dolphins did not lose games on purpose in 2019, when the team finished 5-11, and could not support Flores’s remarkable claim that Ross had him do so. Season offered $100,000 for each loss: “(() have different recollections about it. The wording, timing and context (of the comment). However, such a comment was not intended or considered a serious offer. had gone, nor had the subject been furthered in any respect by Mr. Ross or anyone else at the club.” However, he confirmed that Ross repeatedly advised Flores, team president Tom Garfinkel and general manager Chris Grier that the 2020 draft positioning should improve the 2019 win total. Ross’s comments, Goodell wrote, “even if made in jest … carry with them unnecessary potential risk.”

More than the tanking allegations, the NFL hit out at the Dolphins’ contact with Brady and Payton in its Tuesday ruling, citing “violations of unprecedented scope and severity.” The investigation, led by former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White, found that Ross and the Dolphins had “unauthorized communications” with Brady on two separate occasions — first in 2019, in early August of that season, while The quarterback played for the rival. Patriot; And again during and after the 2021 season, before Brady retired, and after, he returned to the Buccaneers. “Those discussions … focused on Brady becoming a limited partner in the Dolphins and possibly serving as a football executive,” the investigation found, “although at times they included him playing for the Dolphins.” The possibility was involved.”

An NFL investigation revealed that Ross and the Dolphins also illegally contacted Payton’s agent, Don Yee, in January while the longtime Saints coach was still employed by New Orleans: “has not agreed to negotiations, which have taken place previously. Coach Payton announced his decision to retire as head coach of the Saints,” the NFL said. “Following this announcement, Miami requested permission to speak with Coach Payton for the first time, which New Orleans refused.”

While serving his suspension, Ross is not allowed to be present at a Dolphins facility or represent the club at any team or NFL event. He is also prohibited from attending any league meeting prior to the annual NFL owners meeting in 2023, or any league committee communications. Dolphins vice chairman Bruce Bell has also been banned from attending any league meetings for the remainder of the 2022 season and fined $500,000.

Since Ross issued his statement. On the conviction, the tanking celebrated the victory over Flores’ charges while dropping the molestation charges: “An independent investigation cleared our organization of any matter related to the tanking and all other allegations of Brian Flores. As I have said before, the allegations were false, malicious and defamatory, and the matter is now dismissed. With regard to molestation, I strongly disagree with the findings and sentence, however, I “I will accept the result because the most important thing is that there are no distractions. Our team is looking forward to an exciting and winning season. I will not let anything stand in the way of that.”