Newcastle Premier League 2022-23 preview, predictions: Eddie Howe key to money-driven turnaround

Newcastle is a story of before and after. The biggest part of the before and after is new. Sports washing Owned by Saudi Arabia. However, along with that comes Eddie Howe, the manager they hired, before and after. Their great escape from relegation is as narrow as the Premier League has ever seen and that’s without spending significant cash in January due to Financial Fair Play concerns. Before relegation with Howe Bournemouth In 2020, it looked like he might get the inside track to the next job that opened up in the top six but he ended up taking a year out of coaching before Newcastle came knocking.

It was a risky move for Howe and the Magpies as they looked set for relegation at the time, but he took them up on their offer. Newcastle were stuck in the relegation zone. Norwich City And Burnley, both of whom would later suffer the drop at the end of the season. Newcastle were beyond saving when Howe was appointed in November. Joint bottom of the league on just five points, they went winless scoring just 12 goals in their first 11 games while finishing second in the league with 24.

Howe’s first match was lost 2-0. weapon, but the improvement was immediate as the Gunners managed just six shots on target in the match compared to Newcastle’s five. From there, Newcastle scored 44 runs under Howe to finish 11th in the Premier League. Howe transitions to a 4-3-3 and switching. Joelton A hard-working midfielder helped strengthen the defense and make his way into the Premier League. It is no surprise that on the eve of the new season, Newcastle announced that their manager Thick new extension.

Transition makes the world go round.

By only marginally increasing, Newcastle were on pace for a top four finish to the season which is why they are one of the modern picks to crash the European party this year. St James’ Park was rocking as supporters could feel the magic and recall their last European appearance in the 2012-13 Europa League. In January, the Magpies added 4.5. Bruno Gamaris, Chris Wood, Dan Byrne, Kieran Trippier, and Matt Targett. Trippier missed most of last season with a foot injury he suffered in February but that hasn’t stopped Newcastle taking the fourth most points in the league with 38 in 2022.

Led by their defense allowing just 20 goals in 2022 for the fifth-best mark in the Premier League, Newcastle set the stage for what could be a strong season ahead. They have done away with the previous line by adding more. Sven Boatmanand transferring MetTarget’s debt from it Austin Villa While securing Nick Pope to play behind them, Newcastle are also learning that buying goalscorers is easier said than done.

Hugo Eketake Tyneside looked set to move but PSG swooped in at the last minute to secure the talented youngster’s signature. For a Newcastle team now looking to make the Champions League, they are increasingly finding that they need to pay either higher transfer fees or higher wages to compete with the traditional European powers and yet, teams that The date of the competition is the probability of winning the level.

They are not giving up on the statement to go with Guimaraes because they are now chasing. James Madison. If he makes a move, he will likely be the right-wing man in the front three. Calum Wilson And Allan Saint Maximin Giving Newcastle an attack that can compete with West Ham and Manchester in their quest to be the best. united in the Premier League. Leicester are not caving as they are demanding more than the £50m that Newcastle have offered.

If the Magpies manage to get a top striker in the team, their chances for Europe will increase but with Howe and a strong defence, what they have done is make the team harder to break down and increase their reach. Is. Wilson and Saint-Maximin will give the team plenty of rest, but a third goalscorer is needed as soon as possible. This is difficult to do when the team has no real income because the exits are only leaving on free transfers.

Defense means everything.

Given Newcastle’s set-up, it’s hard to see them dropping below tenth in the league even if Howe’s success last season was due to the constant new manager’s bounce. A defense of Trippier, Boatman, Byrne and Target would be a better shield outside the top six and that’s when they’re guarding. England International Nick Pope. The transition from Botman may take some time. LilyEspecially since he will be one of the slower centre-backs in the Premier League but knows how not to get himself into situations where the attacker has an advantage.

Good on the ball and strong in the air, Boatman and Byrne form a strong pairing in the middle while Trippier also offers targets for set plays. With these five at the top of their game, if the attack is average, Newcastle will be more than fine. But making Europe is out of their hands depending on how West Ham and Manchester United Perform during the season. West Ham will need to overcome depth concerns to maintain their place in the top eight but with a slip-up Newcastle could secure a place in the Europa Conference League which would be a major step up for the team.

With the arrival of Manchester United’s Erik ten Hague, Howe will be hoping that a transition to a new style of play will lead to another team that Newcastle can pass after dropping United to a new low. If that looks to be in a European spot heading into the second half of the season, it could work in Newcastle’s favor to bounce back for a strong second half despite not having heavy World Cup commitments. can Bringing in Dan Ashworth from Brighton as the new sporting director means he will also be able to make smarter decisions in the transfer market going forward. A good January signing could be the difference between finishing in the top half and making Europe so it wouldn’t be surprising for Newcastle to go on the offensive.

Howe is at the helm and the team is behind him. Everyone just needs to be healthy. Injuries are the biggest thing that could stand in Newcastle’s way with Wilson, Saint-Maximin, and Trippier all missing significant time last year. If they go down again, the team could slip down the table but at full strength, Newcastle are knocking on the door of the top six and they will be able to crash the party soon.

Bold predictions

  • Premier League finish: 8th
  • Top scorer: Callum Wilson
  • Player of the Season: Nick Pope
  • Something unexpected: Kieran Trippier scores more goals than he registers assists.