New York, Pittsburgh linked to another deal with the Yankees

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The New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates have started another trade. On Sunday, the pirates captured left-wing Manny Beniolos from the Yankees in a modest cash deal, both teams announced. New York nominated Bañuelos for the assignment on Tuesday and had a week to trade with him, release him, or put him on waiver.

Bañuelos, 31, had a high prospect with the Yankees in the early 2010s who eventually moved away from the trade and never showed the strength to stay in the big leagues. He posted a 6.31 ERA in 77 innings with the Atlanta Brewers and the Chicago White Sox from 2015-19, then hit the field in Mexico and Taiwan before returning to the Yankees on a modest league deal this spring.

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Called May 26, Benellos allowed two runs in 8 1/3 innings as a mop-up reliever with the Yankees before dropping off the roster. “It’s big for me … I’ve never given up. It’s my dream, (not only) to pitch in the big leagues but also with the Yankees.” Told the bathrooms New York Post After calling. His fastball sat at 93.9 mph in those 8 1/3 innings, much higher than his previous MLB stunts.

For pirates, it’s just a matter of adding pitching depth with a few glimpses. Lefties with good speed are always in demand and Bañuelos missed the bat with the Yankees with both his slider and crew ball. The pirates need to be able to get around. At the very least, Bañuelos could give Pittsburgh multiple innings from the Bulldogs.

This is the seventh trade between pirates and Yankees since 2016.. Most recently, he hooked up to the Jameson Talon and Clay Homes trades last year.