New York lawyer Marie Kohlenla found dead in Turks and Caicos may have been sexually assaulted: Family

Her family’s lawyer says new evidence has emerged that suggests that a Long Island public defender who was strangled to death three years ago in Turks and Caicos may have been killed. Have been sexually abused.

Marie Kohnla, 61, of Ventag, a lawyer for the Suffolk County Legal Aid Society, was wearing seminal fluid when her injured body was discovered in the bushes at Club Med Resort in the fall of 2018, according to a new lab report. He was handed over to his family’s lawyers on Thursday. WNBC Reported

Family lawyer Abe George told News Outlet that “this is a bomb shell because the Royal Trucks and Caucasus police and after the death of Club Mad Marie have been arguing that the incident was the result of Marie herself – that it was basically Caused his own death. “

“They are hiding evidence that it was a deliberate attack, a deliberate sexual assault that led to his death,” he added. Fell into the sand, and killed himself. “

The family, which is suspected of cover-up, filed a ڈالر 10 million false death lawsuit in 2020 after hiring private investigator Eddie Dowd, who said it did not appear to have left the Kohnala resort. Went to where his body was found.

Following the trial, the judge handed over the autopsy to his family as part of a new investigation.

Kohinla, 61, was found dead in the fall of 2018 at the Club Med Resort in Turks and Caicos.

Dowd said he discovered his ribs were broken, his inner thighs were bruised and he was partially removed. Fox NewsHe added that although she was found 100 yards away from her shoes, there were no dirt or scratches on her feet.

The autopsy also showed that her underwear was on her – but inside out, WNBC reported.

“This is obviously really painful and difficult news,” son Rick Kohlenla Jr. told Fox News Digital after taking part in the operation.

“The first time we saw a police officer reading this information in court we heard about it … it just confirms the cover-up. Was up

“The most important thing is that Club Maid and the police have been telling us for years that this was an accident, even though they knew their own ME,” he added. “But the laboratory report shows blood on almost every subject / personal effect of clothing, except for the seminal fluid on it. [her] Thighs. “

She told WNBC that the family had “been suspicious of the rape for years, but knowing that they had been lying for years and years that it was an accident was offensive.”

When asked by the station if he upheld his decision to kill by strangulation, medical examiner Dr. Michael Steak Bauer replied, “Of course.”

Frank Yaclo has also been charged in the Nassau County manslaughter case – a former employee of Club Mead who was last seen with Kohl’s friends – for murder and cover-up. Support

Khanla's family, on suspicion of concealment, filed a غلط 10 million false death lawsuit in 2020.
The Kohl’s family filed a ڈالر 10 million false death lawsuit in 2020 on suspicion of hiding.
The Kohl’s family

According to Fox News, authorities found the DNA of a woman in Yaklo’s room, but this was not a match for Kohinla.

The WNBC reported that the Long Island man was initially detained for allegedly molesting a friend, Helma Herman, but later released on bail and returned to the United States. went.

“I was not the first to complain and I was not the last. There were numerous complaints about it and they did nothing,” Herman said, according to the outlet.

Prosecutors have reportedly refused to pursue Herman’s complaint.

Yaklu declined to comment when contacted by WNBC for comment.

The station said it refused to cooperate with the FBI and that the DNA evidence found on Kohinla’s body was inconclusive.

“How do you spoil the DNA? You exhausted the body, which is what happened,” George, a family attorney, told WNBC.

The medical examiner testified in the first civil court hearing as part of the family’s wrongful death case that the body was badly mutilated and blamed on a morgue worker.

Steckbauer said that the employee “decided that she was going to put this particular dedent under a hot exhaust (fan) which, no, I don’t think is appropriate. I think in this case, this level of criminal liability.” Up to, “the outlet reported.

He further added that “what I have been told is a deliberate act.

When asked by WNBC if he believed the mold was intentional, Stackbower would not comment.