New Eagles WRAJ Brown claims to be the best receiver to play for the Titans.

AJ Brown is living his new life as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, and his Twitter page has recently become an interesting place. It has been the main vehicle for him to express his displeasure with the Tennessee Titans franchise and his fans, which allegedly forced Brown to cancel the youth football camp in Tennessee. “Peace” is potentially threatened.. It was also a scandal on social media that led Brown to make a big claim last week.

On Friday, Brown was explaining a recent piece of news he had learned about meteorology and the way the weather forecast was delivered to the public. A Twitter user who is clearly a fan of the Titans tweeted that Brown should only stay away from social media and called him a “villain”. Brown responded by saying that the fan was “crazy about the wrong person” and claimed that he was the best receiver to play for the Titans franchise.

This is a big statement for a player who has played only 43 regular season games for the Titans in three years. Brown certainly had a chance to become the best receiver in Titans history if he and the franchise could agree to a long-term extension, but his tenure at Music City ended prematurely. Brown came to the fore with a historic rogue season, became. Single player His first professional season in the Super Bowl was to record a 1,000-yard campaign with an average of 20 yards or more per reception, but was he enough to declare himself the best wide receiver to wear the Titans uniform? Did it work

This sparked an interesting debate. If we’re talking about the best wideout ever in two tone blue, it’s probably Randy Mass – even though his time at Music City was short and uninspiring. The biggest receiver in the history of the Eulers / Titans is Ernest Gavins, who recorded 7,935 receiving yards in 138 games. Brown ended his Titans career at No. 1 with a possible 2,995 receiving yards. 16 in the history of the franchise.

Bill Grumman is an interesting player from the 1960’s, who has presented similar statistics to Brown in almost as many games. In a low game played for the Eilers, Grumman recorded 19 fewer receiving yards and eight more touchdowns. He recorded 1,473 receiving yards in his rookie season!

If you were to vote for the Titans fans on the best receiver in franchise history, most would probably say Derek Mason. In 122 career games for Tennessee, he caught 453 passes for 6,114 yards and 37 touchdowns. Mason had four 1,000-yard seasons from 2001-2004 before joining the Baltimore Ravens.

Brown has the potential to be one of the best wide receivers in the NFL for years to come, but he still has some work to do. He is no more than 16th in yards in three years, and has played in at least 13 games of his career in 2021 due to injury. Brown has been one of the Titans’ best players for the past three years, and has been Tennessee’s best receiver since Mason’s day. But tabulating it as the best receiver for a franchise to play in 43 games can be a daunting task.