Neil Bhatt’s show to recreate the Three Idiots scene in an upcoming episode?

Ghum Hai Kise Pyaar is one of the most popular television shows that has also been ruling the TRP charts for a long time. The show stars Neil Bhatt and Ayesha Singh in lead roles and their on-screen chemistry is loved by the audience. In the recent episodes of the show, we saw how Pakhi, who is expecting her first child, made it clear that Sai will stay away from her during her pregnancy. While Pakhi is hoping to reconcile with Virat once again, Sai is also showing signs of pregnancy.

If recent reports are to be believed, the makers of Ghum Hai Kise Pyaar are planning to go the ‘3 Edits’ route for Pakhi’s delivery. As reported by India Forums, in the upcoming episodes we will see Pakhi alone in Chawan Nivas. While family members will be away attending an event, Sai will be busy with surgery at the hospital. Amidst all this, when Pakhi calls Virat back home, she will go through labor pains. However, Virat will not be able to arrange an ambulance due to bad weather outside. Wondering what’s next? Sai will instruct Virat on a call how to deliver the bird.

Inexplicably, it was Aamir Khan who delivered Mona Singh in the film as Kareena Kapoor Khan instructed him on the same over a video call.

Meanwhile, reports of Virat performing a winged delivery seem to have disappointed netizens. Some social media users took to Twitter to ask the makers not to spoil the show.

Although no promo has been released yet, it will be interesting to see the popular scene of 3 Idiots recreated on television.

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