NBA Finals: Stephen Curry fired back at the Boston Bar with a fashionista after winning Game 5 of the Warriors.

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Stephen Curry’s favorite outfit on Monday night left some people wondering what he was cooking. The Warriors were winning 104-94 against the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, and Curry took the opportunity to wear a T-shirt that came back against some shots fired by a local. Will fully defend the honor of Brewery in Boston a few days ago.

Curry scored just 16 points during a hard-fought shooting night in which he went extraordinarily ahead of the Arc at 0 for 9. During a post-game press conference, he was asked a number of questions about his performance, but eventually a reporter noticed a few words written on Curry’s T-shirt, which he wore under his jacket. The text was not fully visible, so the media member asked to see it better.

“Ayesha can cook curry,” read the T-shirt.

The reporter was confused and asked Curry the background story, but the Golden State Guard asked him around the room or on Twitter to find out.

The message on his shirt refers to a handwritten sign that sits on the sidewalk of a local sports bar in Boston called Game On. In Fenway Park. The sign read, “Ayesha can’t cook curry.”

There was also a sign that Jayson Tatum’s son, Deuce (a name with a misspelled name), was better than Riley, the eldest daughter of Steph’s Curry.

Curry didn’t have his best performance on the court on Monday, but he was happy to take another shot after the win. He will have a chance to silence his opponents on Thursday when the Warriors travel to Boston for Game 6. Winning for the Golden State will give the Warriors the 2022 NBA Championship Trophy, but it is unlikely that the Cree Game will hit them! to celebrate.