NBA Draft 2022: Magic Paulo Benchiro is number one. 1 fooled the league and caused us chaos for years to come

Remember how it should have been?

1. Jabari Smith Jr.
2. Chat Holmgreen
3. Paolo Benchiro
4. Ivy Garden

Just a few minutes before the start of the 2022 NBA Draft, most of the satire was telling you this until early Thursday evening. Despite the fact that – as we mentioned earlier. right here – Discuss who Should Don’t go 1 was as compelling as we’ve seen over the years. This idea proved correct. helter Skelter.

Orlando, what did you do?

Claimed one of the 11th hour, 59th minute gamblers in NBA Draft history, that’s all.

Since the night of the lottery on May 17, it seemed that all the momentum was behind the idea of ​​going with the Magic Convention and taking Smith to number one. 1. Oklahoma City had rumors of a jump to affect Holmgreen. This will, of course, leave Houston with a clear choice of which of the big three is left – choosing Benchero III.

The Kings, who are going through the worst playoff drought of any pro sports franchise, will definitely have to pick the best player available at No. 1. 4, okay? Ivy has to have it.

Then at the beginning of the week the betting markets went wild. Benchero went from +1400 to +175 (still behind Smith) to get to the number. 1. Subsequent reporting sought to dispel this rumor.

Then, shortly before 8pm ET on Thursday night, it all fell apart. Chaos. The prediction was not true. this is true.

Benchiro towards the first magic.

Holmgreen is second only to the Thunder..

Smith – Somehow! – Goes third in the Rockets.

Keegan Murray – Hello! – The fourth for kings.

And then Ivey, who could be the best player in this draft 10 years from now, fell into the lap of the Ivey Detroit Pistons.

Probably one of the most talented drafts in recent history, Orlando and Sacramento – two franchises that have looked bad for generations – broke expectations and wreaked havoc on us. Due to the high profiles of each of the top three picks, and the extraordinary sense of the three-way race in this year’s draft, it was always intended to be a draft that would allow us to look back and Forced to compare which teams made the right call and which didn’t.

But now Seems to be at stake.

Think of it this way: Smith was a favorite for months, including for the majority of the draft day, to get to number one. 1. He fell on the number and got injured. 3. Has this ever happened in the history of the draft? According to experts and the prelude to being the first choice in the betting markets, does a player not only go first but also pass second?

Thursday night felt historic in both immediate and imperceptible ways, which it says will result in a split between the five teams for the rest of 2020.

Consider the franchises that turned this draft upside down. Orlando won a series in the 2010 playoffs. Sacramento has not been there since 2006. View every NBA draft in history. The top five picks, or even the top three picks, never turned out to be the best players in their class. Would Benchiro and Murray Chosen make sense, or would these decisions affect the two notoriously performing franchises that made them?

I have no problem with what magic does. I find it amusing and incredible how this front office has successfully deceived the entire league into thinking that it is taking Smith. But I’ve been on the record for several weeks now This class has the best potential.. He could be a much needed player to change the fortunes and future of a franchise. It has star power and clear all-star capability.

The beautiful commotion of all of them is this: We do not know. Would this be the best bench? Has Orlando just changed the pace of its franchise for the next 10 years, or has it been ruined by two other style-changing big men who can fool them? And don’t think that Oklahoma City is out of the hook for second place. Is Thunder going to look bad five years from now? When Benchiro was off the board, Smith was there to pick him up. Many draftsmen and NBA scouts comfortably ranked Smith ahead of Holmgreen. But as most had expected, OKC general manager Sam Presty took the player to heart.

That left Houston in the top five of any team. There is a good chance of being ranked as the best player in this draft. 3.


If Smith hits a lot and becomes the best player, it is not unreasonable that we can see in 2027 and see that the Rockets are competing for the NBA Finals while the Thunder and Magic are still Participating in the lottery. This was one of the most interesting leadups in the draft at the time. It managed to exceed expectations.

With that in mind, it’s been a long time since the top of the NBA Draft felt that way. And before we reach the decision of the Kings not to take this possibility, which was labeled as the fourth best (worst) on the board, Ivy. Purdue Dynamo had no desire to go there, and the trick worked perfectly for Ivy and Detroit. You could easily argue that with Aaron Fox and Devin Mitchell, it would have been difficult to fit in with them and Ivy in Sacramento. But they are kings. And it’s not hard to imagine that Cady, with Cunningham and Ivy, pushes the pistons straight, while the Kings continue to be … kings.

You need a player who is a superstar – one who can get you out of NBA purgatory. The Kings, picking Kegan Murray, are telling the league that they think he is more likely to do so than Ivy. Some others will agree.

And now the Pistons are putting together one of the most exciting young rosters in the league, bringing in 13th overall pick Jalen Durin.

Expectations and speculations were thwarted dramatically on Thursday night. It is virtually unlikely that Benchero, Holmgreen, Smith, Murray and Ivy will be included in the draft as the top five players. The top five picks that go for the top five guys have never happened. Ever At least one team – maybe two and maybe even three – miscalculated and made mistakes tonight.

Magic has rarely been relevant in the last decade. But on Thursday night, in his biggest moment of a generation, he turned the future of the entire NBA upside down – and fooled the rest of the league into doing so. All Benchiro has to do now is meet the expectations of Shakeel O’Neill and Dwight Howard, two former numbers. 1 picks as a whole the big men who guided the magic until they made it to the NBA Finals.

In this draft, as stacked and discussed, nothing less will fail.